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Leanne Hill



Loveland, CO 80538
United States
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Leanne Hill


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind and the soul records of a person to discover and release blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth that have been hidden from the conscious mind for hundreds or perhaps thousands of lifetimes. SRT is NOT coming from the certified counselor but from higher levels of Hierarchy. Once identified, the discordant energies are removed and replaced with positive records, usually bringing about the desired and often miraculous changes in a person's life. SRT is done remotely, so can be accessed through this website from any place in the world for release of the negative energies that hold us back from our perfect life. I am also a certified practitioner in EMF Balancing Technique, I am a Medical Intuitive and I am a certified practitioner of Orion DNA Healing Techniques. DNA work includes Activation of dormant strands of DNA, Gene Replacement, Core Belief Repatterning on four levels. These can be done by telephone as well as in person.

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Medical Intuitive Past Life Integration Therapy/SRT DNA Activations Core Belief Repatterning Genetic Replacement EMF Balancing Technique

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