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Leslie Tenold



Atlanta, GA United States
T: 404-255-7960




Leslie Tenold


I provide remote healing and exorcisms anywhere on this planet, remote dowsing, and elimination of harmful radiation from any natural or man-made source. If you are bi-polar,constantly depressed or tired or lack your usual energy you most likely are living in radiation detremental to your health. If you have asthma or other allergies or ADHD, Sickle Cell Amenia, dyslexia, epilepsy, or fatal peanut allergy I can help you because these problems are caused by deformed genes which I can correct.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been remotely healing humans and animals since 1995. I am a member of the Distant Healing Network, a very large international group of Spiritual and Reiki healers located in over 25 countries. I am a Life member of the American Society of Dowsers and a Life Charter member of the Ozark Research Institute.

Philosophy and Comments        

In my opinion the source of all healing is God. God`s angels are on this planet to help mankind. All humans are born with a guardian angel and as we progress through many, many lifetimes and learn our lessons we are assigned additional angels. Those of us fortunate to have angels with us at all times, as I have, can use these angels to help others regain their health. This is my life path now.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I have a policy of no charge for my services but will accept small donations. Please see my Web site at http://www.healingangels.net for more information.





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