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Light for Health



Lyons, CO 80540
United States
T: 800 468-1104
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Light for Health


Full spectrum light that imitates natural sunshine is necessary for full physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Each color causes a different response. Different colors support metabolism of nutrients, help us to be calm yet alert, happy and not depressed or anxious. Full spectrum light combines all the colors of the rainbow into a beautiful white light. We have full spectrum lights in spiral bulbs, fluorescent tubes and light boxes for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Profile and Credentials        

Author of Light for Health Reference Binder Author of PMS: Solving the Puzzle Licensed Nutritional Counselor

Philosophy and Comments        

When we work together, we are all stronger and more effective. This applies to wavelengths of color as well as people and even the vitamins we consume.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Always open on the Internet. Prices vary by product.





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