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Light Healing


Have you ever wondered about these questions: Who am I? and Why am I here? I have and through my search I have come across some tools that can help you find yourself, including space clearing and Akashic Records. I have combined techniques to aid in clearing the body, mind, and spirit so that more light energies can be integrated into your beingness, hence the name Integrative Light Energetics. If any of the following resonates with you in any way, you are a light being on a search for Love and Light. Turn away from the dark and face the Light! Your spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters are waiting to assist you!

Profile and Credentials        

Philosophy and Comments        

Integrative Light Energetics may help clear out heavy dense energy so that God's Love, Light, and Truth can be integrated into your beingness. Integrative Light Energetics can help you discover your soul's path in this lifetime. Integrative Light Energetics is energy work that combines Soul Clearing, Reiki, and Essential Oils. It is a process that can bring greater balance, peace, and harmony into your life. The purpose of Integrative Light Energetics is to cleanse, clear, balance, and realign the body, mind, and soul so that you may expand, evolve, and discover yourself as a spiritual being living and loving your life.

Clearing out and balancing energies gives you a greater ability to achieve forward movement in your life, sleep more restfully, and experience more self-love and self-worth. It clears out energies that allow you to expand your views beyond the ego, which is an accumulation of opinions, thoughts, attitudes, and emotions. We are all souls on a spiritual journey, creating our life with every thought, word, action, habit, belief, and memory. Integrative Light energetics can help clear out disruptive energies that keep you in fear. Releasing patterns, blockages, and/or discord may help restore natural balance and harmony.

Integrative Light Energetics works from the level of spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters. It is not psychotherapy or any kind of medical treatment. It is not a licensed form of healthcare, either mental or physical. It is not a cure-all for every condition. Many forms of spiritual assistance and tools are available. The continuing effectiveness depends on the individual. We are all beings with free will and free choice. It is up to you and only you to give permission for a clearing of energies so that more of God's Love, Light, and truth can be integrated into your being.

We are all souls on a spiritual journey that will ultimately lead to God and Wholeness. On our spiritual journey we create and are responsible for our life and every thought, word, and action. We can pick up some disruptive energies that cloud our path. It is up to us to be clear about what we choose to experience in life. Integrative Light Energetics can help release and clean up those disruptive energies so your head is clear.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions include a tape recording of all identified blocks, issues, and/or discord as well as any soul and angel realm information. All blocks and issues are cleared.

Scheduling is easy. You can call 217-586-5939, e-mail brenda@lighthealer.us or order through Pay Pal. Once you order and pay for a reading/clearing, I will contact you and ask that you give me your full birth name, birthdate, and a photograph. The photograph allows me to tune into your vibration more easily. Your e-mail address will be secure.

I also provide in-person energy work that includes Soul Clearings, Reiki, and Essential Oils. All oils suggested for use are therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils. If you choose to use these oils, you may order them from the company. To order, you will need my member number: 608480. Payment for oils is separate from session fee.

I do offer multiple family member discounts.

Payment methods include credit cards via Pay Pal or money orders.

Initial and 60 minute sessions are $150

30 minute sessions are $80

Soul Clearing - Akashic Records        

Soul Clearing can bring greater balance and clarity by releasing blockages, limiting thought forms, vows, curses, entity or spirit attachments, or anything that restricts you from fully aligning with your soul path. It is based on a holistic model that we as human beings are composed of several energy bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and etheric. These energy bodies along with the chakras (energy doorways or vortexes) and meridian lines (energy pathways) together house a person's soul.The soul is the spiritual essence of life that you embody as a physical being. The soul is immortal. It keeps a vibrational ethereal record of every attitude, emotion, habit, and concept as the physical body experiences tastes, smells, sights, sounds, emotions, and thoughts during each incarnation. These experiences are recorded in your soul records which are also called Akashic records or your Book of Life. Soul Clearing involves looking at the soul records to release any patterns, blockages, or discords. It helps to realign the soul and you as a being so that you can remember who you are.


Reiki (pronounced rey key) is a Japanese word used to describe an ancient Tibetan hands-on-healing technique used to restore natural inner healing capabilities while encouraging harmony and balance with the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is simply universal unconditional love. The energy flows through the healer corresponding to the need of the client. Since Reiki is universal unconditional love, it can be given across distances. This technique when used may relieve stress, restore inner peace and awaken a sense of inner love and well being. The client only gets what he/she needs or can handle. It is a totally positive energy that can be used on anyone, young, old, or frail. Reiki healings do not go against a person's free will. Pets and plants respond well to Reiki energy as well.

Essential Oils        

Essential oils are the vital fluids of a plant. The vital fluid is the plant's life blood. The life blood protects the plant against bacteria, infections, diseases, and insects. The oils are "essential", necessary for the life of the plant. The essential oil contains a life force, intelligence, and vibrational energy that gives it the healing power that heals the plant and people. Essential oils have properties that soothe the senses, invigorate the body, and promote physical well-being. The vibrational energy of therapeutic-grade oils can help release emotional patterns. "Changing an emotional pattern takes more than just feeling both sides of the emotion. It takes recognizing and understanding the pattern that triggers the emotion, which is the mental aspect. It takes getting the message or learning the lesson by increasing awareness, which is the spiritual aspect. Changing the automatic conditioned response requires accessing the cellular memory that is stored in the physical body.Sesquiterpenes, found in high levels in essential oils such as Frankincense and Sandalwood, help to increase the oxygen in the limbic system of the brain which in turn 'unlocks' the DNA and allows emotional baggage to be released from cellular memory. Emotions have been found to be encoded within the DNA of the cells and passed on from generation to generation." (Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn L. Mein. D.C.) Essential oils help you move through your emotional changes by supporting and maintaining higher frequencies which allow you to more gently and easily achieve your goals.


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