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Toronto Area, Ontario Canada
T: 416-339-9081


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The services I offer are: Counseling (Personal/Phone/On-line), Healing/Spiritual Guidance, Vibrational Medicine,Reiki, Emotional Healing Aura Photography,Nutritional Supplements, Reflexology Web Page Design and Hosting. (Choose Web Page Design from my web page menu.)

Profile and Credentials        

Divine Energy Work Mastery Course. Reiki II. Healing with Energy and Colour classes. Reflexology course Healing and Spiritual modalities being added.

Philosophy and Comments        

The only philosophy I have is to help others. Regardless of your current situation or past I will not judge you or anything you have done. I am here to help you in any and all ways that I can. ===>If you are ready to heal, I am here to help===

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flexible Schedule. Rates vary based on service provided.





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