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Lisa Bellini

Lisa Bellini


171 W. Main St
Rockaway, NJ 07866
United States
T: 908-963-2628

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Lisa Bellini is an internationally known Indigo Expert. Being an indigo forerunner, herself, Lisa grew up as an intuitive spiritual channel. This brought her to expand her abilities and she is now a medical intuitive energy healer, Ordained Minister, speaker, and teacher, Rieki Master, Crystal Healer Master, Guide on Holistic Wellness, freelance writer, Indigo child and adult Advocate and consultant. In 2006 she founded the Crystal Healing Foundation and created Peace Day / Kids Way to create public awareness for the Indigo Children.

Lisa is producing a documentary designed to assist others in understanding the Indigo Energy and has participated in an International Documentary on the Indigo Children. Lisa is a graduate of the Spiritual Mystery School and has developed and channeled in a new healing modality for those of indigo energy and holistic practioners and is available to everyone. Lisa holds classes and support groups for parents and teachers of Indigo Children.

Lisa is an intuitive channel with a gift of foresight, who is here for the love and growth of humanity. Lisa has been channeling and spiritually counseling for over 20 years. Lisa knows how difficult it is to raise an Indigo Child, but more importantly, Lisa knows what it is like to be an Indigo Child.

Lisa has been a guest speaker on Home Grown Radio, NJ, Seeing beyond with Bonnie, interviewed by Maria Clara Magazine of Milan, Italy and at Essex County College.

Lisa now has her own radio show dedicated to the Indigo Children and Forerunners. Lisa believes that if we help on person at a time, we can make a difference and create a better world.

Profile and Credentials        

Living with Indigo Energy Expert

Intuitive Spiritual Channel

Ordained Minister

Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Scanning of Physical and Etheric Bodies

Usui Rieki Master

Crystal Healing Master

Crystal Pyramid Technique Master

Life Coaching

Graduate of Spiritual Mystery School

DNA Activation

Initiator of Adepts in to Hierarchy of Light "Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light"

Spiritual Teacher

Sacred Geometry

Laser Light Healer

Initiate of the Violet Flame

Advocate for Indigo Children


Long distance consultations

Long distance healing
Adam Kadmon Activation
Adam Kadmon Certification Classes
Spiritual Development Classes
24 Strand DNA Activation Class
Crystal Healing
Family Consultation

Philosophy and Comments        

As we move from the age of Pisces to Aquarius, we need live from our heart rather then out mind. We need to learn to live in the moment, let go of the past, and not fearing the future. I know many people feel this is easier said then done, however, the more you let go, the easier life becomes.

As we move into this new age, a large wave of Indigo children have been born from 1970 - 2000, many authors are putting these dates out, truth be told, the indigo's have been returning to the planet for the past 200 years. These adults and children become loners, feel misunderstood, and are forced to live a life in fear, anger and fustration.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

10:00 - 8:00 pm

I do work around my clients schedule and I do travel

Crystal Healing Foundation        

I founded the Crystal Healing Foundation to begin a movement and to bring a higher awareness to the Indigo Adults and Children. There are 2.6 million children each year who are diagnosed and labeled with ADD, ADHD, and now Autism. The medications these children are given are addictive and are not for their higher good. It shuts their abilities down and a different person emerges.

I have found that if you come from your heart, if you are honest with them, raise your vibration you can really connect with them. This stops a wall.

I am an Indigo Forerunner; I have lived the life and have had many spiritual experiences thru out my life. I have also gone thru my awakening; I went from an extremely active life to being disabled and having to spend 4 years in bed.

Many who are going thru their awakening will have physical problems, this comes from holding on to anger from the past and living a life of fear. Always looking for love or approval from others and much more.

Today, I have embraced who I am, and now I help children and adults who are of Indigo Energy, along with anyone else who seeks my assistance. I can say for the first time in my life, I love who I am and I love what I do.

From this experience, I healed myself. For the first 3 years, I relived my life, crying every day, what I did not realize was that I was releasing all the pain I held inside. From there I began to heal myself, first connecting with crystals, then essential oils, from there, I was brought my contract and my Akashic book of records, this created the Crystal Pyramid Healing Technique. I know heal people with this modality and I teach it.

Voices Around the World        

The mission is to form a Foundation whose purpose will be to raise awareness regarding the Indigo and Crystal children, many whom are labeled with ADD, ADHD, and Autism etc. Once awareness is raised, the second step is to open Alternative Educational Centers, Holistic Centers, and Spiritual Retreats in each state of the United States and ultimately around the Globe. This is to prepare for the "period of awakening," we must work together to raise the consciousness and vibration of the world as a whole. This is too large of an undertaking for one person or one organization to accomplish alone. It can only be accomplished by many individuals and organizations working together to achieve common goals. The Foundation will be created of like-hearted people, from all fields of holistic health care, spiritual education and counseling, humanitarians, and visionaries in an effort to switch the consciousness from drugging our children to finding alternative ways to enhance the gifts that they have been born with.



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