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Jeanne Morelli



4445 Murietta Ave #1
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
United States


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Using White Tanta, Taoist Yoga, Energy Healing, and Qi Gong. I teach one to blend their spiritually with their sexuality. To think beyond what we have been taught. Sexuality is a path of experience, not performance. Sexuality is not something you do to someone, it is your life force, it is your soul feeling, breathing and experiencing. I help Men and Women to experience sex with true bliss. As one awakens their life force all relationships will take on a new and treasured meaning. All can learn to love in a healing sexual way, thus allowing your mind body and soul to awaken to intimacy, creativity and bliss.

If You Have:

premature ejaculation
performance anxiety
communication blocks
poor self image
delayed ejaculation
declining or little sexual desire
relationship problems

I can help you through the awareness of CONSCIOUS SEXUALITY.


reclaim your sexual power
ejaculation control
heal low self esteem
remove creative blocks
become multi-orgasmic
have full-body orgasms
deeper heart connections
sex, love and intimacy counseling
stress management
heightened full body sensations
mind-body awareness
chakra clearing and opening
relaxed blissful approach to sex
learning to be in ecstacy for hours
healing sickness, and weakness in the body though the proper use of sexual energy

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I am often in NYC and the east Coast, can I be listed in that area?


Tantra sessions can also be shared with your partner. I would work individually and together to help bring you both into a higher state of awareness of each other's body and spirit. I promote working with sacred spot massage for both male and female, as this is very healing and raises your sexual consciousness.I would start each session getting to know you both and the strengths and weaknesses within your sexual relationship that you would like to focus on. I would teach you how to respond to each other more consciously, helping you both to open your heart spaces and teaching you to move energy together. We would work with relaxation, massage, breathing, and sound, then I would teach you both how to move your sexual energy through your bodies instead of out; this enables full body orgasms, and multiple orgasms. You can end the session with some of the wonderful Tantric lovemaking positions. This is of course up to you, and between you both, I would act as a guide, taking you through one of the most sacred arts, the art of reclaiming your sexuality!

Phone Sessions        

Phone sessions are available if you are out of town, or if there is no one in your area that teaches tantra. We can work with relationship and spiritual issues. Then I can take you through a Tantric journey, empowering you to proceed with the sacred art of tantra... e-mail me if you are interested.



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