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Cynthia Attar



Chehalis, WA 98532
United States
T: 360-266-0199




Cynthia Attar


Welcome to my site! I thank you and your pet thanks you! Do you have a pet who has a challenge? Maybe some problem that the vets say there isn't anything wrong with him--but you know there is? Sometimes pets develop problems due to emotional stress. Sometimes they take on their person's stress. I specialize specifically with pets, ailments, injuries. What I do is utilize my animal communication ability to have the pet tell me why the disfunction is there and everything that surrounds the reason you brought your animal to me. This may include the owner’s mental and physical state, and/or that of other household members. Once we get a clear picture of the problem, we then work through the mental root cause of the ailment and ask the pet if s/he can let go of it now. Once I get agreement from the pet that it will be okay to let go of the challenge, I then utilize my visualization skills to dislodge the disharmony and bring the animal back to health again. Generally, the chat changes things for the person also, and everyone is finally on the road to recovery.

Profile and Credentials        

Telepathic Animal Communication. Hearing what your pet says about specific problems, concerns and life in general. (Classes with Lydia Hiby, Penelope Smith Jerry Ryan & others).

Quantum Touch® Practitioner- Direct, Hands on Energy Healing for Physical Challenges. The practicioner sets and holds a high vibrational level which allows the body to do it's own healing through the laws of entrainment and resonance. This can be done from distance, also.

Have taken "Adam's" (www.dreamhealer.com) workshop of intense visualization for healing.

Animal Trainings Gentle, Respectful, Effective, Horse, Mule, & Dog Behavioral Training (Studied techniques of Monte Roberts, John Lyons, Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Brad Cameron on Mules and others).

Author of three books, "The Mule Companion - A Guide to Understanding the Mule"; & "Channeling God through Free Flow Writing - Profound Words from Common People". Book Three is nearly finished, "Giving a Voice - Animals and Nature Speak Out About People"

H-NLP Practitioner & Life Coach Working through Mental & Emotional Blocks by utilizing the cooperation of the Unconscious Mind (Studied directly with HNLP co-developer John Overdurf).

Philosophy and Comments        

Therapy for Animals
Ö Assisting with emotional & mental challenges for your pet “I can’t touch my mule’s ears...... HELP!”
Ö Physical healings for pets “My dog seems sad and unhappy.”
Ö Behavioral training for horse, mule, dogs, cats and more “How can I stop my horse from doing........... ?”
Ö Telepathically communicate with animals to hear their concerns “The vets can’t figure out why my pet has a lump.”
Ö Promoting unity between people and their pets “My horse is great at home, but falls apart in the show ring. What can I do?”
Assisting to bring you & your animal together in harmony and appreciation.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

All services provided at home office. Some services can be over the phone and through email if you have a picture. Fee dependent upon situation. Average charge is $40 for animal communication chat; $40 for Quantum Touch Energy Healing; $75 for both. Call for more information. 360-266-0199





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