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LOTUSTAR: healing as above and so below

Renée Starr


LA, CA 90036
United States
T: 323.632.0947


Renée Starr, CHT offers expert healing with her unique & powerful techniques: Shamanic Hypnotherapy & Ancestral Soul Healing Regressions, pastlife regressions, energywork, clairvoyant readings and spiritual counseling.She also teaches classes and hosts retreats worldwide on such topics as Alchemy, Healing, Crystals, Shamanic Healing and more.

Profile and Credentials        

Renée Starr, CHT takes hypnotherapy to a new depth with her unique & powerful techniques:

Shamanic Hypnotherapy &Ancestral Soul Healing Regressions.

Renée is a certified hypnotherapist/past life regression counselor as well as an expert healer using crystal & pyramid technologies and her clairvoyant gifts enable her to serve as an intuitive spiritual counselor. She is currently in process with her shamanic studies and offers her services, classes & retreats in LA, the US & the world.

During the course of her career she has assisted thousands of people; helping them to heal their unique and individual past and current emotional challenges. Renée utilizes such modalities as hypnotherapy, alchemy, crystal healing, quantum physics, shamanic path work and the Kabbalah. Her own spiritual transformations have inspired the healing work that she provides for her clients and has also been the inspiration for many of her classes and retreats. She has traveled throughout the world and extensively throughout the Southwest United States teaching the many topics of which she is an expert. She devotedly brings to you her excellent skills as a healer and passionate researcher along with her wisdom, compassion, humor and vision.

Philosophy and Comments        

"In order to make Love, in order for the Divine alchemy to work, the Pitcher needs a still cup."


What is Lotustar?

The Lotus is a symbol of the sun, of creation and rebirth, for the reason that at night the flower closes and withdraws underwater, and at dawn it ascends and opens again. This lovely flower is seen as a symbol of spirituality; the lotus has its roots in earthy mud, but as it grows upward towards the heavens- its petals are open to receive. The lotus is my totem flower, always reminding me to rise from the mud and reach for the stars…and the stars are a spectacular reminder to me that we came from them once, in a feverish, dramatic explosion and landed here, on this earthstar, to fulfill the sacred work of our soul; healing as above and so below.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I see clients in LA, CA (USA) on Tuesday's and Thursdays. I offer phone sessions for spiritual counseling, remote healing and clairvoyant readings worldwide. Please see my website and or webdisplay page for fees.





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