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Lynn Harris



Asheville, 28803
United States
T: 828.258.0599




Lynn Harris Massage


Lynn Harris, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, and Certified Zero Balancer, has advanced training in Craniosacral therapy, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. With over 25 years of experience and over 2,000 hours of training, Lynn has integrated these techniques into her own creative style. Besides giving a wonderfully relaxing healing massage, Lynn specializes in more detailed complaints such as neck and low back problems, whiplash, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, TMJ, headaches, scar tissue adhesions, and digestive problems as a result of trigger points.

Come early for your session, and enjoy relaxing on the therapeutic massage chair in a tranquil setting. Take with you your peace and relaxation, and new self help techniques to keep you healthy.

Lynn's office is conveniently located on Fairview Rd, one mile from Exit 8 off of I-240, and 1 mile from Biltmore Village.

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Lynn Harris Offers These Therapeutic Massage Techniques        

Neuromuscular Therapy – Balancing the nervous system with the muscular skeletal system. This technique precisely and thoroughly releases trigger points in muscles that are responsible for physical pain in the body.

Hot Stone Massage – This uses the soothing and penetrating heat of basalt stones to create a relaxing, gentle and effective full body treatment. This in combination with Lynn’s healing touch melts away all unwanted stress and tension.

Zero Balancing – This modality works with the energy of the BONES. The desired outcome of this session is to help relieve physical aches and pains; to improve the person’s ability to deal with life stresses; and to promote a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage – Ancient and shamanistic based. Spiraling motions with the forearms and elbows are used throughout the massage to balance the chakras, and encourage energy flows throughout the body.

Craniosacral Therapy – Listening to the subtle movement of cerebrospinal fluid. The practitioner encourages and awakens the person’s own innate healing intelligence.

Tuning Forks – Used in conjunction with other modalities, are calibrated based on the orbital properties of the Sun, Earth, Moon and planets. Their rich vibration not only supports our body’s natural frequencies, they also guide us into alignment with our higher selves.




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