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Angelica Vutselo



Edmonton, ALB T6J 4G6
T: (780)439-4425




Magenta Wave Multi-dimensional Energy Healing


Magenta Wave is a channeled multi-dimensional energy healing system used for freeing a person from lower energies of any origin, which leads to a complete restoration of emotional, mental and physical processes in the human body.

If you’re lost and in need of loving guidance and kind advice on how to improve a certain situation in your life, I can connect with your guides, the angelic realm and spiritual masters to help you achieve balance, clarity and direction in life.

Profile and Credentials        

My name is Angelica, my status is Light Angel Warrior – an ambassador of the Light Cavalry of God. My life purpose is to relinquish the darkness nested in people’s hearts and minds and to impel them towards the Divine light.

Throughout my entire life I have been instinctively using my gifts and helping people to live happier lives, guiding them to the light and joy that God has in plan for every one of us.

I began to conduct energy healings and spiritual counseling about 10 years ago. At first for my family and friends, and then to people who simply needed help. With the loving guidance of my angels and spirit guides I was nudged to tap into the Universal Wisdom, to recognize some of my latent psychic abilities and to use them to heal and to cleanse people of destructive forces of negative energies.

Philosophy and Comments        

“Magenta Wave” healing technique is channeled directly from the Divine Source. It combines several components, which is synched together in order to bring our mind, body and soul to a higher level of being – blissful love, uniting us with our Creator. Magenta is the color of my energy, and the wave is its shape therefore this is the name of my healing technique.

The Angelic realm is closely involved in every “Magenta Wave” session, bringing people relief, heavenly comfort and God’s bliss and constant protection.

With every “Magenta Wave” healing session people become more perceptive for higher energies as they become more and more connected to their true/higher selves – God within, and are able to hold extra light (high-vibrational energies) in their bodies, which leads to emotional, physical , spiritual empowerment and freedom. The exertion of light continues its work after the actual healing session is over, continuously ridding the person of various physical and non-physical toxins they have acquired throughout their life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

First session is $150 and includes consultation at the comfort of your own home. If you live outside of Edmonton, Alberta we can set up a phone consultation.

Beginning the second session and on, the cost is $50 Can per session. You can also use this button to pay for one hour psychic reading session.

Psychic readings - $30 Can for 30 minutes, $50 Can for 1 hour.

If you're interested in half-hour reading, please send me your request via email and i will bill you through PayPal.

You can benefit from Magenta Wave Multi-Dimensional Healing:        

If you have been hurt in a previous relationship and wish to return to your usual self state of mind, having the freedom to forget, forgive and move on with your life.

If you’re a sensitive person and have a hard time being around certain people or being surrounded by a large crowd of people (malls, work, etc.), feeling drained or infused with negative vibes from others and unable to free yourself from their influence.

If you have a hex, Magenta Wave Healing will eliminate the source of the hex and restore your vitality, while boosting your energy levels and clarifying your mind.

This modality works exceptionally well with people who are involved in any public performances - acting, singing, and modeling. Also public persona’s, teachers, politicians, anyone who is exposed to large audiences. Magenta Wave Multi-Dimensional Healing sets them free from any forms of attachments, willingly or not created by their devoted fans or detractors.




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