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Margo Ross



PO Box 39192
Greensboro, NC 27438-9192
United States


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Margo Ross, Reiki Master Teacher


Welcome! Reiki lessons, Life Coaching and ministerial duties performed for your benefit and growth.

Classes every month for Usui/Tibetan Reiki levels I & II for certification. Master levels taught several time per year, too.

Life Coaching services available to those seeking professional or personal services, research, information, energy work & healing, mentoring service, REAL self-empowerment, and/or assistance developing your own metaphysical gifts. Sessions are designed around YOUR needs and your pace toward goals we design together. I am here to help you grow & become more autonomous in your thinking, belief system, and Path on life!

Also, interfaith ministerial duties, weddings, ceremonies, blessings and rituals performed. Designed by your choices and us working together, I honor all belief systems & secularism.

Profile and Credentials        

* Reiki Practitioner since 2001
* Active Reiki Master Teacher since 2003
* BS degree in English 1990
* Minors in psychology, Spanish and education
* Life & Personal Coach/Mentor for 8 years
* Ordained interfaith metaphysical minister
* Director and events coordinator for 4 years
* Active clairvoyant / clairaudient / intuitive reader & channeler for 30+ years
* Occupations: high school teacher, Big Brothers Big Sisters case manager, job coach for adults with autism, general manager in retail, complaints department manager, waitress and bartender.
* Serves on the Board of Trustees for the Sherwood Anderson Foundation (American literature group)
* Notary Public for NC

Born in central North Carolina in 1967 to New Englander parents, Margo began using her gifts spontaneously as a small child but it wasn’t encouraged by family, rather it was passively ignored. So she repressed those gifts to dormancy. Though her awareness remained for being different, she was an active & compassionate child. Even so, she often found the human condition difficult to understand entirely, so she learned to be very analytical too. She bonded quickly with animals, fine arts, literature, science & mechanics, and philosophical & humorous people who were also "loners."

In early adulthood, she sought out intuitive others like herself to learn more about her psionic gifts and insights that were insistently re-emerging. She bought a private session with Allene Cunningham the renowned radio, television & police psychic. Allene compared Margo’s growing abilities to "massive interstellar radio antennas picking up signals & information from all over our universe, inside & out". Later, Margo journeyed with shamans, met her power animals (totems), learned to meditate, gathered more ethereal Guidance about her Path, and read the works of Dr. Doreen Virtue, Ted Andrews, Rumi, and & others.

Margo recognized her calling to heal, teach, and lead. So, she studied Reiki, meditation, religions, and opened doors for business. Many people enjoy the benefits of her work & empowering ways, including other mystics and intuitives seeking her support, healing, guidance and second sight on their own journeys.

Today, others wanted like-minded connections so she opened another business, LEWA (Light & Energy Workers Association) in North Carolina in 2005. This group meets monthly or more at different locations for networking, socializing, learning and trading. All healing, teaching, arts, and related industries are encouraged to participate.

Philosophy and Comments        

Some of Margo's favorite "great thinkers" are:
Albert Einstein
Quan Yin
Chief Crazy Horse
Jesus of Nazareth
Leonardo da Vinci
Wolfgang Mozart
Mary Magdalene (her contemporary profile)
Author & philosopher, Leo Buscaglia
Actor & comedian, Robin Williams
Actor & comedian, Tom Hanks
Ruth and Rachel (Bible)
Susan B. Anthony
all the Gandhis
the wonderful Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
anyone under age 5 and over 70
American Author, Sherwood Anderson (Margo's great-grandfather)
Dr. Doreen Virtue
J.K. Rowling
Gary Renard
Nella Silverspear
Dr. Oreon Masters

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Levels I and II = $99/each level
Family Pairs = $150/level I or II
LEWA Members = $89/level I or II
Massage therapy students = $50/level I or II
Reiki Master = $300
Reiki Master Teacher = $300

Workshops = $30/90 minutes
Speaking & Lectures = $60/hr

Interfaith Minister / weddings (includes consultations) = $100
Notary Public per signature or swear-in = $3 per signature
Events Planning = varies with size of occasion, please ask

Monday - Thursday 3pm - 7pm
Friday by appointment 3-5pm
weekends, holidays by appointment only


LEWA (Light & Energy Workers Association)LEWA is a networking non-profit for all healers, teachers, artists, helping professionals, & casual practitioners.

We connect all bringers of enlightenment with others of like-minds to benefit the community, the planet, and the Universe in personal, business, or spiritual growth.

FREE-Journey of the Spirit: a bi-monthly spiritual exploration forum with a new & different presenter at each gathering. Every 1st & 3rd Sunday at TwoArtChicks Gallery downtown Greensboro, featuring Buddhim, Native American & the new teachings of Christ. This is a casual, open, and discussional format, come enjoy! Learn more at our website: www.networkthelight.net. Membership welcome but not required; newcomers welcome!




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