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Marisha Diaz



Westminster, CO 80030
United States
T: 720-496-4336




Marisha Diaz


Angel Channel and Ancient Wisdom Activator

A gifted healer and channel for over 15 years,

Marisha brings clear Angelic Connection from the Higher dimensions

to give guidance, Activate Ancient Wisdom and dissolve energy blocks.

The information that comes through Marisha during a channel is designed to meet the needs of the individual, with loving clarity and insight to the degree that an individual is willing to receive it. Many times loving Angelic helpers, Guardian Angels and Archangels that are working with an individual will speak with the intention of assisting, supporting and loving us as we walk this earth plane. To the degree that an individual is ready to move forward, new chakras are being activated and energies are being given to open more areas of personal empowerment. All information provided is confidential and respected at the highest level. Readings are tape recorded for personal reference.

Sessions also offered for Emotional Clearings and Energy Healings.

Profile and Credentials        

In the summer of 1990, I had my first experience of visually connecting with an angel. Since that time, I have been known as "The Angel Lady". Friends and family members could feel the angelic energies that seemed to be gliding along with me.

My life has been a deep and long journey balancing the 3-D world with the Spiritual world. I have studied and practiced a number of healing modalities, Reiki Master, Rebirthing Therapist-Trainer, Flower Essence Therapist-Trainer, Aroma Therapy Practitioner-Trainer, Spiritual Coach, Health Facilitator, Energy Aligner for Sacred Space Clearings in homes and Officies, Sacred Space Real Estate, Angel Channel and Ordained Minister.

Philosophy and Comments        

My mission in life is to follow the call and guidance of Spirit, and to be a loving and authentic human being. My passion is working with people who are ready to open up to their Divine Essence and Authentic Self and to find the path of a joyful life experience.

Every aspect of my belief system inspires access to Individual Wisdom and Inner Guidance. I understand the importance of offering channels for others. The channeled information will neither predict the future nor tell a person how to act. Instead, the Angelic Channels are solely designed to point to the path of each person’s own Inner Wisdom and offer clarity. The Angels are always with us.................

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions available in person or by phone.

10 AM - 7 PM Monday - Saturday or by arrangement.

Fee: 30 minute session...$62,

45 minute session...$92,

60 minute session...$122,

credit cards accepted through PayPal.

Egyptian Emotional Clearings        

Emotions affect every aspect of our lives and have a profound effect on our health and happiness. Emotional Clearings help to erase stored, negative emotions, empowering people with a new sense of Hope, Happiness and the Joy of greater accomplishments. Private and group sessions. More information can be found on the Events page and at www.angellove4u.com

Raindrop Therapy        

A relaxing, healing, energy balancing technique that encourages health and well being. The Raindrop Technique is often used in conjunction with a type of foot massage called Vita Flex. These two techniques are very different from traditional Reflexology and back massage in that they do not employ heavy pressure, pushing or any form of spinal manipulation. The gentle action of the oils brings about the remarkable results.

A simple application of dropping certain essential oils, like little drops of rain from about six inches above the body, along the entire length of the spine is implemented. The oils are then worked into the spine using light strokes with the fingers, which stimulate energy impulses and disperse the oils along the nervous system throughout the entire body. In this way the body can be brought into balance and the energy centers can be cleared and re-aligned. It also helps to reduce spinal inflammations and kill viruses that hibernate along the spinal column, as well as help to straighten any spinal curvatures. It is also a tremendous boost to the immune system as it releases toxins and kills viruses and bacteria that accumulate along the spine.
Private sessions take 2 1/2 to 3 hours. $145
Group traings also available.



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