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Mary Beth Wrenn



4401 Colwick Road # 707
Charlotte, NC 28211
United States
T: 704 566-8300


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Mary Beth Wrenn


Professional Psychic/Medium located in the Charlotte, NC area for in-person, telephone and online readings using Tarot Cards, Aura and Energy Readings, Psychic Detective and Clairvoyant.

Profile and Credentials        

Mary Beth Wrenn has been a professional Psychic/Medium since 1987! Before that she worked in the Television Broadcast industry eventually shifting completely over to the Paranormal/Spiritual Work by 1989. By the early 1990's Mary Beth began speaking nationwide about the phenomenon of the paranormal at various tradeshows though out the country. She lectures tied in perfectly with the debut of the TV show the X-Files! In 1993 she became the Public-Relations Director of the North Carolina Mutual UFO Network picking up where the legendary Mr. George Fawcett let off! She left that position when radio station WNKS-FM Kiss 95.1 of Charlotte, NC hired her as "The Morning Mess's Official Psychic on 'Psychic Thursdays'. This is when her career really began to skyrocket and she was picked up several Raleigh, NC radio stations. At this point she launched off a string of Psychic Fairs promoting other psychics & continues to do this to this day! In 1998 she became the Vice President of a huge social network called Charlotte Outdoor Adventures! In 2002 she created the Higher Self Magazine (formerly known as Community Spirit Magazine) a Body, Mind & Spirit Magazine serving the greater Charlotte Community. These days she produces Higher Self Radio and hosts events for her Body, Mind & Spirit Adventure Group get-together club!

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that all people have psychic abilities in some way! My purpose to all this to help you discover your own abilites and to help you connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides & to those who have crossed over. I aim to educate, empower and inform my client, reader & listener!

My by-line reads "I see the Future, to EMPOWER you in the NOW", means that I center myself in the here & now with you as I see into your energy field (Aura) into your future, bringing back to you the results of your actions.

"The Future is based on many Nows!" - old zen proverb...

My ability to do this has assisted many clients with decisions pertaining to business, career, love and destiny choices.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday Thru Friday
10am - 8pm
Saturday & Sundays are open for special events, Galleries, Psychic Fairs, Lectures, Workshops

Reading Prices: $30.00 for 15 minutes, $80 for 1/2 hour, $120 for 45 minutes & $150 an hour.

Major Credit Cards are accepted!





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