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Denise Foote



727 Executive Dr.
Winter Park, FL 32789
United States
T: 407-414-5433


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Denise Foote, LMT,NCTMB


Having had a passion for natural health and spirituality at a very young age I have pursued and studied many fields of interest: Kundalini Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, Acupuncture, medicine, anatomy, ministery, midwifery, and nutrition.Auricular medicine and DNA activation, Tantric Numerology, Spiritual Response therapy and Energy Healing.

Profile and Credentials        

Licensed Massage therapist-15 years, NCTMB, energetic healer for all of my life.Cranial Sacral therapy-Upledger Institute, Kundalini Yoga Instructor,Tantric Numerology- Yogi Bahjan-3HO Organization-19 years, Spiritual Response Ttherapy by Robert Detzler, Ayurvedic Medicine- Deepok Chopra Vasant Lad,Candice Pert,Auricular Medicine-Dr Huang. Soon to be Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.

Philosophy and Comments        

The body-mind-spirit of the human being works as a unit of ONE, and when any one of these units is out of balance it creates disease-confusion-disturbance somewhere in the being whether we are conscious of it or not at any given moment.It is our responsibility as the keeper of this unit to always pay close attention to the constant signs and signals the being gives to us to let us know when it is in an out of balanced state and to correct it as soon as possible for perfect health and harmony within and out of the unit called "the body-mind-spirit".

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

work hours and fee schedule varies according to treatments and time neede per session. check website for services





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