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Yi Luo



West Chester, PA 19380
United States
T: 610-344-7152




Yi Luo


MASTERY OF LIFE ! A course of lessons giving souls the knowledge to cope with life on Earth, helping souls understand life purpose, life lessons and creat a positive life on Earth. Course covers: Levels of Awareness, Self, Higher Self, Energy, Healing Techniques, Astrology, Past Lives and Meditation Inspired by the Master Maitreya A 4 day course held in 2004. For more details please contact me by e-mail: wish6403@yahoo.com or by call: 610-344-7152. See www.maitreya-edu.org and www.kuthumi-edu.org

Profile and Credentials        

This is a course of lessons giving souls the knowledge to find out their own truth and how to participate the ongoing Earth change. After the course, people will gain awareness and grow spiritually, they can have the key to fulfill their life purpose and have true inner peace. Astrological natal chart is prepared to help in understanding life lessons and life purpose. At end of the course, a spiritual reading will be given to help in under-standing soul situation and how to make improvement. The course is involoved in education, counseling service, healing arts and spirituality, etc.

Philosophy and Comments        

The course is designed to bring awareness to souls, help souls deal with the course and effect of their life through love and understanding. Respect each individual's belief and choice.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

This is a four Sundays' course, each Sunday day from 10 am to 3 pm. The course charge is $50/per Sunday.

Spiritual Organization        

Spiritual awareness.


Spiritual education

Healing Service        

Crystal, music, sound and pyramid, Flower essence and Auro soma, etc.

Counseling Services        

How to cope with life on earth

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