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Chris Salonia



82 Smithfield Ave
Meriden, CT 06451
United States
T: 203-235-4864


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Chris Salonia


Agent of Change, Transpersonal Therapy, Breath Work, EMDR, Inner Child work,Holistic Health Counseling/Nutritional counseling, Emotional Freedom Technique, Melchizedek Method, Energy Work,Co-counseling, Sound Healing and a combination of other techniques. I work with clients to help change, transform and transmute any beliefs, scripts, body memories, addictions or self sabatoging behaviors that inhibit the fullest expression of the hearts desire and authentic self. We focus on mind, body, spirit and emotions to find balance in the whole self. By loving all our parts, we find our center and navigate our lives effectivly.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been working as a an Agent of Change/Therapist/Healing Facilitator for about 18 years. I started working in the substance abuse field and then began to work with people with PTSD. This worked evolved into a completly wholistic approach to help all people find empowerment, balance, a deep sense of self, and peace. I have studied standard western psychology in college and did internships etc. I found that traditional therapies were to limiting and I began to train with many others including: Brian Weiss, Deepak Chopra, Alton Kamadon, Wayne Dyer, Bernie Seigle, Ellen Bass, Gregg Braden and many others. I was in an Experiential Training group for 15 years doing psychodrama, gestalt and many other forms of healing. I learned hypnosis, past life regression therapy, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Technique and other healing techniques.

Philosophy and Comments        

I work out of my home, which we sometimes call the animal kingdom, as i tend to draw in a number of creatures that need rescuing or just want to hang out with me. I also have my Mom living with me who helps me learn incredible lessons of patience, unconditional love, and the trust that people can choose however they want to feel, think and behave. I am continually reminded that I can only help those that choose to evolve and I must trust the process of life and the Universe. I keep the focus on how I feel, think and behave since those are the only things I have any control over anyway. I see myself as a perpetual student, always learning and growing. I take lots of classes and workshops on a regular basis to keep open to the mystery. I challenge myself with comedy inprove classes, screen writing classes, jewelry making and a wide variety of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical purification processes. Fasting, yoga, meditation, working out, traveling, and being chemically, sugar, and meat free. I believe that I must stay focused on my own healing in order to help others. I can't take anyone where I haven't been.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We work in a safe, loving, and sacred environment to ensure that whatever the self is ready to heal, will be healed. We gently love the ego into cooperation with the highest intention of the soul. I tend to work Mon-Wed and sometimes Thurs. I have a sliding scale fee that allows most people help. I also work over the phone and sometimes keep in contact with clients via email.

Holistic Health Couselor        

I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrated Nutrition. It is the only whole food nutritional school on the planet. The approach is to use whole foods and different "diets" or ways of eating to create balance in your body and to look at your "Primary Foods" career, relationships spirituality and physical activity. It is an approach that works to find balance in the shole system.




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