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Merlin Perkins



Loveland, CO United States
T: 970-227-4227
F: 970-667-3924




The Arts of Living


Inspired by the vital force of her own healing journey, Merlin Perkins is a professional wellness coach, certified yoga instructor and nutritional consultant. She has 15 years experience in the health care arena including wellness counseling; coordinating health fairs; nutritional consulting; aromatherapy and teaching yoga and meditation.

Profile and Credentials        

Merlin Perkins is a wellness coach and owner of The Arts of Living out of Loveland, Colorado. Through the Arts of Living Merlin teaches all the principles necessary to have a healthy balanced life. "I teach people how to have the perfect body for them through a combination of eating, exercise and meditation, " she says.

Philosophy and Comments        

Merlin is an abundant source of powerful techniques, insights and guidance to assist others in pursuit of their own path to health and wellness.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Yoga classes, cooking classes, nutrition classes and teleworkshops are all posted on the website at www.theartsofliving.com





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