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Robert Messenger



Aspen, CO 81611
United States




1 Psychic Aura Therapy


Psychic Aura Therapy, with Robert Messenger, is a
unique energy clearing and balancing experience that
restores your own natural health, joy and vitality.
Working in the electromagnetic field, the aura, Robert
has the ability to clairvoyantly see holographic
energy patterns, blockages, past lifetime issues carried to this lifetime, etc, and then to clear these blocks, balance and rejuvenate our life anew. Physical injuries -
Emotional traumas - Karmic connections - Death of
loved ones - Spiritual clarity - Renewed purpose - Pets

Profile and Credentials        

Robert Messenger is a gifted clairvoyant subtle energy practicioner and teacher of Psychic Aura Therapy, with over
25 years experince. He uses his clairvoyance to determine
the cause of treatment issues, then procedes to clear,
balance, and integrate the Phycical, Emotional, and
Spiritual bodies. He does hands on sessions as well
as works remotely.with a wide range of physical,
emotional, and spiritual conditions. He also works with Pets. Phone sessions are just as powerful as sessions in person.

Philosophy and Comments        

This is an exciting time on our planet, a time for ascension into higher vibrations for us as well as the planet. All of us are called to come into our full spiritual essence , to awaken to our gifts, hook up with our soul mates, and feel empowered to our soul purpose. Our sessions, over the last month, are going much deeper, releasing more layers, and are extremely transformational. We are very blessed to be on the earth at this time. We are very pleased to be offering this work to you. Love and Light. Robert Messenger

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions available in person or remotely over the phone
10 AM - 6 PM Monday - Saturday or by arrangement
Fee: $125 per hour credit cards accepted

Hawaii Special We also come for the spring and fall to Hawaii and do a tour of the islands. Check for schedule on website or email Kmacalpine@AOL.com

Animal Communicator        

Robert Messenger is a gifted clairvoyant subtle energy practitioner, working with people and their pets as well. Pets are also spiritual beings in a body, just like us, and as they are not able to communicate with words, issues can come up that can cause physical or emotional symptoms in our pets. Robert can assist with expressing for the pet to the owner, what is going on and help to solve the problem. He can also help with physical injuries with pets in remote sessions as well as in person.




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