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Michael Ferniany



Los Angeles, CA 90026
United States


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Michael Ferniany


I am a psychic Numerologist. I help connect the conscious mind with the life purpose of the soul by interpreting the spiritual numeric vibrations chosen by the soul at birth. These include your full name at as it appears on your birth certificate, (any subsequent name changes), and your complete birthdate. By reading your vibrations, there is healing in knowing if you are on your right path at your right point in time.
Readings can be done by mail by way of cassette tape (an hour long) or via pre-arranged appointment on the telephone. Please see my web site: www.mypeoplepc.com/members/ferniany/numerologypsychicreadings/

Profile and Credentials        

American Association of Professional Psychics
Ellicott City, MD

Association of Research and Enlightenment (Psychic Panel)
Virginia Beach, VA

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Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

One hour readings can be done on cassette tape via U.S. Mail or in person.





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