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Mia Bosna



345 Jug Hollow Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460
United States
T: 610 933-4545


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Guiding Spirit Design - Shamanic Portraits by Mia Bosna


Shamanic Portraits:
Artwork inspired by Shamanic Journeys
for the individual

Inspirational stories are embedded into each original piece of art.

A Shamanic Portrait is a glimpse into our divine self, the self that understands our true purpose and our special talents. It is a personal portrait of your spirit guide's message to you. Within it you will find the inspiration to make the choices that lead to a healthier, harmonious life.

I invite you to learn more about how a Shamanic Portrait can provide you with a deeply personal and spiritual signpost for your life's journey.

The best place to start is by viewing Shamanic Portraits I have created for others in the Shamanic Portrait Gallery.

See my website at guidingspiritdesign.com

Profile and Credentials        


  • Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts 1974 - Printmaking & Ceramics

  • Philadelphia College of Art 1975 1978 - Illustration Major

  • Tyler School of Art in Rome 1978 - 1979 - Printmaking & Drawing

  • Chester Springs Studio 1985 - 1990 (evening classes) - Figure Drawing

  • University of the Arts 1993 - 1995 (evening classes) - BA (Illustration)

    Spiritual Workshops & Training

    Foundation for Shamanic Studies

    Dana Robinson - Basic course in Core Shamanism

    Sandra Harner - Shamanic Counseling

    Sandra Ingerman - Soul Retrieval

    Carol Proudfoot-Edgar - Ancestral Shamanism

    Jim Frank - 8 Month Training in Shamanism

    Hank Wesselman - Working with Ancestral Spirits

    Joseph Rael - Native American Mystery School

    Tom Cowan - Celtic Shamanism

    Geo Cameron - Celtic Shamanism

    Angela Rapalyea - Shamanism

    Margot Adler - Modern Ceremonies

    Layne Redmond - Healing Properties of the Frame Drum

    Ted Andrews - How to Work with Spirit Guides

    Ayala Guy - Shamanism Work for Daily Practice

    Christina Chang - Teachings of Huna

    Linda Rose Hallowell - Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

    Woman Wisdom Mystery School (9 month program)

    Transformational Breath Workshop

    Reiki 1 Certification

    Light Activation Workshop

    + 20 years of Catholicism!

    Work Experience

    I started out working as a full time designer and art director for several advertising agencies. In 1985 I began freelancing as a designer and illustrator working for the advertising, and publishing industries while finishing up my undergraduates degree at night.

    In over fifteen years of freelancing as an illustrator, I've found it a necessity to change styles as the markets fluctuated in order to work as an artist. This has allowed me to explore several mediums and techniques and to work in several different markets. My commercial work has been used for printed materials such as: book jackets, magazine covers, feature and editorial work, packaging, CD and cassette covers, advertisements, promotional materials, Institutional and Corporate collateral materials.

    My fine art has been shown in galleries and is collected privately.


    Society Of Illustrators

  • Student Scholarship Grant

  • Reader's Digest Association Award

    Philadelphia Art Director's Club

  • Award of Excellence

  • Rx Club - Award of Excellence

    University of the Arts

  • Lorraine & Ben Alexander Award

  • Roger T. Hane Memorial Award

  • Mary Margavitch Hankin Memorial Award

  • Ronald Bieganski Award for Outstanding Achievement in Illustration Award

    Artist's Guild of Delaware Valley

  • Most Valuable Woman Illustrator in Delaware Valley

    Strathmore Paper Company

  • Poster Series Award

  • Philosophy and Comments        

    Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

    Guiding Spirit Decor - Wall Hangings and Prints        

    Astrology Series
    This new series includes images of all twelve zodiac signs. This new series is contemporary version of this ancient art form showing the deep connection between each sign and the elements of Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Order for yourself or send as the perfect Birthday gift!

    Element Series
    This series was created to remind us of our most basic and powerful resources: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. By bringing our awareness to the basic elements, for a few moments, we can put intentions in motion that positively affect our choices throughout the day.

    Animal Totem Series
    A Totem is any natural object, being, or animal whose energy and archetypal powers we feel a strong connection to. Each animal totem symbolizes its unique abilities and qualities. This painting is the first of a new series of prints that focus on animal totems. Each painting will reveal the information received from each animal spirit by way of the shamanic journey.

    Décor Print Series
    These images come from a collection of private work that is now being offered to the public for the first time.

    Weather Spirit Series
    The information for these images are a gift from the weather spirits. The weather spirits are here to remind us that they are connected with all living creatures as well as ourselves. They are part of the web of life and hold a special message for each of us.

    Wall Hangings Series — The Elements

    Hanging Guiding Spirit pieces can help establish or support your sacred space. Use them as a departure point for your meditations, or to transform the environment of your home or office.

    Element Series Note Cards
    The boxed set includes three each of Air Spirit, Water Spirit, Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit images. Cards are printed in full color and blank inside. A description about each element is printed on the back panel. 12 Cards with matching envelopes (5.25" x 7.75").




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