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Miluna Fausch, HCCP



Los Angeles, CA United States
T: 866.625.9355




Miluna Fausch


Miluna, the founder of Making Wellness Fun, is a gifted medical intuitive and holistic health expert who combines the best techniques with integrity and compassion. She is sought out for her ability to get to the root cause of health conditions by reading the energy and DNA blueprint of the body. Experience the best in vibrational medicine with an intuitive reading which includes practical and specific information for creating physical health along with answering any questions.

Profile and Credentials        

Kahuna (master) ARCH® Medical Intuition (psychic) Practitioner

ARCH® Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing Certified Practitioner (energy healing and balancing therapy)

Holistic Humanistic Psychology Degree
Member of the American Holistic Health Association (AHHA)

Philosophy and Comments        

You don't have to wait to feel better! Get the support you need to heal body, mind, and spirit.

My belief is that our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves. I had my own medical adventures and I combine my own personal experience and healing with proven, effective, practical tools and techniques.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

In-person and telephone appointments are available Monday through Saturday.
Readings, energy healing, and counseling are equally effective and accurate over the telephone.

House calls and emergency calls also available.





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