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Brigitte Sztab



Chelan, WA 98816
United States
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Brigitte Sztab


By accessing the collective energy field Family Constellations bring awareness and release to hidden dynamics in our family systems that cause unconscious patterns of behavior and perpetual cycles of disconnection in generation after generation. This surprisingly quick, yet profound healing process helps resolve a variety of life issues; from family-, partner- even business relationships to physical, emotional or professional conflicts. The work is entirely experiential, a healing that involves the whole person, with life-changing effects.

Profile and Credentials        

Brigitte Sztab, R.C., Healer, Teacher, Counselor German-born Brigitte attended her first Family Constellations workshop in Germany in 1997. She felt immediately called to pursue this work and was among the first to begin sponsoring workshops in the U.S. She started training with Dietrich Weth, one of the most experienced constellation facilitators from Germany, as well as other leaders in the field and has been offering workshops since 2001. Brigitte also received training in BodyTalk®, Personal Energy Clearing, Space Clearing and Past Life Trauma Release. She brings to her work a clear and grounded focus, gentle compassion, intuition and wisdom, and the humble joy of assisting others in their healing. Besides her work, Brigitte loves music, books, traveling and children. A K-6 holistic private school, which she co-founded is now in its 13th year.

Philosophy and Comments        

Family Constellation work defies description and must be experienced. It is energy therapy, a healing that comes through the heart, not the mind. It assists the innate wisdom of every soul, striving towards the realization of its wholeness and brings together ancient ways of healing with modern forms of therapy. Like the indigenous shaman, a Constellation facilitator is just a connector. With the help of the ancestors and other beneficial energies the constellation leader is helping to bring truth and clarity, love and life into the burdened family system so that love can flow and old patterns be released.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Family Constellation Workshops are offered regularly throughout Western and Eastern Washington and other states upon invitation. The hours are generally Fri.6-9pm. Sat.& Sun.9:30am-5:30pm Fees:$250 or $125, depending on level of participation Lake Chelan fees: $185 or $100 Online registration possible for most workshops Requests for scholarships and payment plans will be considered. check www.FamilyConstellations-USa.com/schedules.htm for updates

Free Family Constellations Introductory evenings        

Free introductory evenings with demonstrations of the work are held monthly in various locations throughout Western and Eastern Washington and British Columbia. New dates are constantly added to the schedule. Pre-Registration is required for some of them. Please check www.familyconstellations-usa.com/intros.htm for updated information.

Energy Awareness/Facilitator Training        

For all who are interested in deepening their understanding and experience of Family Constellation work – whether as part of a learning process for becoming a Family Constellations facilitator, or as a way to gain valuable life skills in the discernment of energy flow. Next program starts in September 05, consisting of 8 evenings, 8 full days and three weekend workshops over 8 months

Spaces & Spirals: A Journey from Invisibility to the Experience of the Female Essence        

The feminine aspects of God have been invisible on our planet for more than 5000 years. This workshop intends to open a space for these energies to be manifested in the physical reality of our lives and our world. It is a profound and creative experience by and for all participants.In this workshop you will
*explore and re-discover the female energy in her pure essence,
*look at the symptoms and consequences of the invisibility of the female energy and at ways to bring her back to consciousness and into balance with the male,
*experience the true female essence by feeling the energies with your body and by paying attention to the rhythms of the earth and your life,
*find out what it means to co-create in a truly female way.
For more information email brigitte@genext.net


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