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Miriam Pearson-Martinez



16801 NE 6th Ave.
N. Miami Beach, FL 33162
United States
T: 305-249-2229


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Holistic Maternity Center


Holistic Maternity Center is a full-service birthing center owned and operated by Miriam Pearson-Martinez, CPM, LM, based in North Miami Beach and serving Dade, Broward and the upper keys. HMC provides prenatal care with the option of birthing at our beautiful center, at home or at an area hospital. We accept Medicaid and most insurances.

Profile and Credentials        

Miriam Pearson-Martinez has received national certification as a certified professional midwife as well as being licensed by the state of Florida. She has completed a 3-year direct entry midwifery program as and has trained with numerous respected midwives. Additionally, she has attended to birthing mothers at a busy clinic in Honduras. Miriam holds an Associates degree in Midwifery. She has also been certified as a doula (labor coach) and childbirth educator specializing in hypnosis for labor and birth.

Philosophy and Comments        

We believe it is the right of every woman to experience a calm and healthy birth. By teaching the art and joy of natural childbirth and providing a safe place to birth, we help women trust in their bodies and find the power within themselves to birth easily and naturally. Laura Houwers had over 13 years of experience as a labor and delivery nurse before becoming a certified and licensed professional midwife. She brings with her the knowledge and experience of hospital policies and procedures which inspired to her to become a licensed midwife.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

While most women's care will be covered by insurance or Medicaid, we do offer a self-pay option. The total cost of prenatal care and birth is $3800.





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