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Melanie Saenz



Black Diamond, WA 98010
United States
T: 360-886-7288


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A Quiet Whisper


I am a Usui Reiki Master; nineth in lineage from Dr. Usui, an Ordained SHES Minister and a Crystal, Intuitive Healer. I follow the thought that the path to healing is in our hands. Take accountability for your own body and life choices; choose again, choose a healthy life style.

I train Reiki students in Level I, II & Master level Reiki skills and perform the attunements at the completion of each class level. I also offer Reiki Healing sessions, in house or mobile.

Profile and Credentials        

It is my belief that the time has come for Reiki to become mainstreamed; however, I have certain expectations for my students and their understanding of Reiki, as well as how to meet their clients' needs. My classes cover not only Reiki teachings, but also crystal use, chakra centers and visualization; and if you choose comphrehensive training, creating sacred spaces and client comforts.

When certified through all levels of my Reiki training; students leave with a historical knowledge, practical use and creating a space for client comfort. Your healing room will be a space that feels safe to release and a space that is condusive to healing; whether it be a client or yourself.

Philosophy and Comments        

All of us are blessed with dynamic teachers and guides, it is our choice whether we open up to them or not that can make our lifes different.

Throughout life we learn about cause and effect. I believe that the state of our health is dependent on how we feel emotionally and mentally. Feelings of fear, hate beig drained, abused, a victim can produce poor health. While feelings of joy, empowerment, love and Grace produces good health.

Take the responsibility of playing only positive tapes in your head, take accountability for your health in the choices you make throughout each day. Remember, the divine is within you, everything is sacred - that includes you. Go within and have faith in the process of Life, Death & Rebirth.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am available most evenings and weekends by appointment only. For those who want to come to my Healing Room, it is located in the quiet town of Black Diamond. I also offer a mobile service and can come to you.

Reiki Session rates at the Black Diamond Healing Room: $50.00 an hour.
Mobile Reiki Session rates: $60.00 an hour.

Levels I & II Attunements

Attunement to Level I - $95.00 - Includes Level I book, self-healing instruction and the history of Reiki. Basic hand placements.

Attunement to Level II (must be Level I certified)- $125.00 - Includes Level II book, practice healings, hand placements and basic Charka/crystal training.

Attunement to Level II Comprehensive (must be Level I certified)- $225.00 - This training is structured for individuals intending to have a client base. Includes Level II book, practice healings hand placements and Charka/crystal training. Client comforts; creating sacred, safe & comfortable spaces. How to communicate to clients during healing sessions.

Master Level

In the traditional teachings of Reiki; the Level of Reiki Master is reserved for Reiki II Practioners whose intentions are to become Reiki teachers.

Being attuned to the Master Reiki symbols aligns the level II practioner to the way of the teacher. But it is not neccessary to become a Master to be a great Reiki Healer or Practioner.

So, if you feel you are intended to follow the path of the Reiki teacher, I would be most humble to be your teacher for this portion of your travel. Contact me and we will talk about the details of Usui Master training.

You can email me at Melanie@UsuiReikiMaster.com or call 360-886-7288 to see if I am taking on new students. The time frame of your training completion is dependent on the amount of class training, time between attunements and healing sessions required before certification of each level. My class times are fluid, and cater to busy schedules


What is Reiki?        

Reiki energy is Universal Life Force; this is energy that courses through your body's chakra power centers. Although Reiki should be practiced religiously, it is not affiliated with any religion; it is a Universal healing art. People from many diverse religious foundations; Budhist, Christian, Jewish, Wiccan...etc. utlized this tradition of hands-on healing.

How I Utilize Reiki        

Reiki allows healing to take place on many levels and at different life changing circumstances. During Reiki sessions, I call in the Ascended Reiki Masters and together, you, me and the Masters work at removing blocks in your body, on all levels. So that your life force can flow freely through your body and you can begin to live fully and love well again.

Food for Thought        

All of us are equiped with an inner guidance, intuition. Intuition is your Guide, the Holy Ghost, Divine intervention, higherself, whatever word is sacred to you. When followed, intuition will lead you to a goal of happiness, this being the ultimate goal.

Your soul is pure beauty, reopen to your own intuition. You have the power to choose what direction your path will take. So be it.


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