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Atena Komar



S. Miami, FL
Miami, FL 33133
United States
T: 305-297-5516


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Atena Komar, MysticalFlorida.com


Spiritual Arts, services & Events in South FL

Reiki trining, healing & circles

Past Life Regression Workshops

Group and personal spiritual delvelopment workshops & Events

Profile and Credentials        

I am an intuitive psychic, artist and teacher. Reiki Master and spiritual development counselor.

I have been trained in Reiki, Past Life Regression as well as other intuitive arts.

To learn about me, please visit my website at http://www.mysticalflorida.com/about.html

Philosophy and Comments        

I love what I do and love to share what I know. As I am always a student, my services evelove as I do.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Class fees varry depending on the workshops.

I run a regular workshop on various subjects at From Brazil Inc. on Flagler and 84th st in South Miami. I also teach out of diferent location in coconut grove and around miami.

Product prices varry depending on the product.

Mystical Florida        

A place for Magick in a Magickal place.

Spiritual, psychic and Mystical workshops, products and events by Atena in South Florida.




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