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Sabrina Gilbert



830 Old Norse Dr,
Eaton, OH 45320
United States
T: 937 456-2229


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Mystic Bed and Bath


Simplifying the art of pampering yourself
Our web site offers
Pampering body products to calm your spirit,
power your soul, or romance your senses.
Scented candles,jewelry,gifts,herbal smoke,mini vacations,
meditation tapes,herbs,teas,massage and bath oils,great Customer Service

Profile and Credentials        

The health care field brought us together; Randall has a BA in Psychology, Sabrina a Registered Nurse.

Philosophy and Comments        

Randall; "I obtained my degree at Wright State University 15 years after receiving a traumatic brain injury that rendered me disabled and wheelchair bound." l believe that in conjunction with conventional medicine, holistic treatments can greatly enhance the overall life experience. "If you believe it can happen".

Sabrina;” I obtained my nursing degree at Kettering College of Medical Arts in 1993. This College taught me the benefits of treating the whole person and not just the illness. Since my education, I have been practicing this concept and using the conventional, holistic, natural, and spiritual approach in caring for my patients."

"We both have lost parents to cancer and have a good knowledge of what it is like to loose someone to this disease. In our quest to find alternative methods to help our loved ones we looked to natural & holistic products. We will continue to explore and make available to our customers products that we think may be of use."

We in no way are encouraging our customers to abandon conventional methods of health care. We are here to provide products that will go in conjunction WITH conventional treatments. As with any treatments, Please consult with your Physician to ensure that our products are not contraindicated.

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