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Mz. imani


Mz. imani is a visionary woman whose voice, spirit and drumming has a way of weaving its way into people’s lives. As a musician and spiritual alchemist, Mz. imani blends respect for the laws of nature with deep faith in spirit’s desire for humanity to live in peace. The outcome of this combination co-creates harmony, the essential gold that the alchemists have sought through the ages.
Mz. imani is the lead instigator of Conscious Collaborations, a production team that sponsors All Night Fire Circle events and local drum and dance events tp help the heart of humanity heal, One Fire At A Time.

Profile and Credentials        

Mz. imani has been playing the hand drums for nearly 20 years. She has been heavily influenced by Baba Olatunji, as a person, a teacher and a spiritual being. imani has persued the spirit of the drum with Darrell Rose, Mamady Keita, the Fire Circle Community and the many children she has shared drumming with.

Mz. imani is an ordained minister, and is a skilled ceremonialist. Her passion is to collaborate and sponsor Fire Circle events, called Sacred Soul Fire, nationwide. Mz. imani is currently recording her first CD, "i m who u r". As a shamanic practitioner she consciously weaves her music into the healing matrix of the universe.

Mz. imani is an accredited teacher of Alchemical Healing, an empowerment based healing art form that was brought forth by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert. AH is a practice that relys on developing relationships with subtle forms of energy. It calls into practice all skills that experience has gifted us with and provides opportunities to deepen relationships with a team of allies including elemental forces, plant spirits and totemic animal spirits.

Philosophy and Comments        

i am a complex creature, that is involved in many projects, all connected to the exploration of Conscious Evolution. I base my life on a few basic beliefs.
Spirit wants us (humanity) to be happy.
Slow and steady wins the race.
Whatever you do, do your best
Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes
Be kind...especially to kids and old people, they are closest to spirit/god.
Make the world a better place, just by being there.
Those who say it cant be done, should get out of the way of the ones who are doing it.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Private Sessions:
Alchemical Healing: $100/hour
Drumming: $50/hour
Custom Glass Beads: $40 and up Sacred Soul Fire Events CoSM Fire, 7/22/05, $55. pre-register at www.cosm.org Sacred Soul Fire, Georgia, 9/23-9/25, $175-$250, pre-register at www.consciouscollaborations.com

CoSM Fire 7/22/05        

CoSM Fire Friday, July 22nd, 7pm to dawn Rosendale, NY Pre-Registration Required $55.00, Breakfast Included www.cosm.org to pre-register Come experience Art in Action at CoSM Fire. CoSM Fire evokes the primary mystical experience in community by offering a fluid, polyrhythmic environment that nurtures our visionary natures. The art of the heart and art of the hands will guide our journey through the night, while we invoke radical transmissions of healing, hope, harmony and humor. Bring your passion for life, art, chanting, drumming and dance to this experiment of conscious collaboration. Supported by some of the finest players within the Fire Circle community, CoSM Fire promises to provide an elemental landscape filled with light, sound, movement, silence and art. We will ceremonially use our art, intentions and actions to open a portal to connect the worlds. As a visionary culture, we are blessed with a myriad of perspectives that strengthen and empower a sense of harmony for our planet. Just by showing up, the creative spirit will play with us and through us, all night long.

Sacred Soul Fire, 9/23-9/25/05, Lookout Mountain, Ga        

Sacred Soul Fire events offer workshops, community art projects, community rituals and discussion groups to help you access information and experiences that can support you in getting the most out of the rhythm rides of the all-night fire circle. From sultry, syncopated frame drumming to burning djembe/dounoun rhythms, the music of the fire circle will call you to dance! And drum, and chant, and play! The myriad of perspectives and patterns you can witness and experience through the co-creative art, rhythm, music, dance, play and crazy wisdom of the fire circle culture is awesome. Every event is different, every fire is different, depending upon who shows up and what we bring with us to the fire. With art in action, we welcome you home.

Soul Fire Inside, Monthly Drum and Dance in DC        

Soul Fire Inside a monthly collaborative drum and dance circle. Our art opens us to the portal of sacred reality where we honor peace, healing and transformation. We celebrate diversity, unity, family, expression, cooperation, spiritual practice, mentoring, movement and music. We put our Art into Action, and help to make the world a better place. Join us! 7/2, 8/13, 9/10, 10/8, 11/12, 12/10 www.ConsciousCollaborations.com/SFI Seeker’s Church, Takoma/DC line, Entrance at BACK of building, 8-11:30pm, $10. kids and elders by donation

Shamanic Healing Sessions        

I work with clients, both near and far on issues that include serious physical illness, redefining ones life path, greif, creating a new sense of reality, relationship issues, and rites of passage. We determine if i am the "rite" person to work with you, if not, i recommend you to others. i am more attached to helping you find the "rite" person to do the work with you, than being the rite person. contact me for more info

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