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Natasha Taylor, Interviewer



Mt. Shasta, CA United States
T: 530-938-1509/415-246-6896




Conscious Communications - Become a Sought-Out Expert


So, You Have A Great Vision, A Burning Message, Unique Product or Service . . .

Share What You Know about Living a more Conscious, Spiritual, Healthy and Enthused Life!

YOU CAN BECOME A SOUGHT-OUT EXPERT AUTHOR. When You SPEAK YOUR BOOK with teleseminar interviews, you are creating a dynamic tool to promote your business and to sell.

Get Your Word Out Better, Faster & With Less Effort with our TELESEMINARS-Into-eBOOKs process.


We can help you promote and grow your practice, your business, your self . . . and generate more clients and profit. We will assist you with repurposing your teleseminars into a variety of money generating and value-packed information products: e-books, articles, booklets, reports, workshop manuals, podcasts. And show you HOW TO implement the eBook and other products for your marketing and advertising needs.

Profile and Credentials        

Natasha Taylor Interviews, MA, MPH, MDiv, CMT, LMFT

As you can see from the letters after my name and my Ad infinitum list below, I have a lot of academic training and have attended more than enough workshops in my life. Okay...so I'm a scholar of sorts.

And I'm an integrator and synthesizer of information. That along with my inquisitive and intuitive way, I am capable of eliciting information from you and organizing it into a book.

During the interview, you will be positioned and supported as the expert. As your interviewer, I will be transparent and compassionate. You can be sure that what ever rises during your telephonic event will be handled with expertise and grace.

THE WAY THIS WORKS . . . I will assist you with organizing YOUR BOOK chapter by chapter. Each chapter will be spoken via a 30-60 minute Teleseminar Interview. Together we will develop and craft well thought-out and compelling questions. During the interview, I will intuitively tease out information you may not have thought about during the planning stage.

THE INTERVIEW typically will be a live teleseminar with no listeners. AND, if you are seasoned in presentation and have a client base, a Teleseminar Interview is a very powerful, low cost, and dynamic marketing and promotional tool. So invite your friends associates to listen in and promote it to your client list. Offer it as a free promotional intro to your work or charge a reasonable fee.

WHAT DOES YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE WANT? A Q&A session, conducted on a separate line after your interview, invites lots of valuable information from you target audience for your current book or a future book. Your target audience is your cash crop. Know what they are interested in and concerned about. Meet their deepest wants and needs. They will buy from you. They will refer others to you. All interviews and Q&A calls are recorded and immediately available on line for MP3 downloading.

KEY MARKETIG STRATEGY The Teleseminar Interview is personable and will leave listeners feeling they know you, trust you, and they more likely will choose to do business with you. . . and refer friends to you. .

REPURPOSE YOUR INTERVIEW INTO SEVERAL VALUE PACKED PRODUCTS. What would it be like for you to have a complete eBook or a series of articles or downloadable iPod that invite the world into the realm of your expertise and wisdom? Information products can be used marketing yourself and to sell on your website, in book stores, or at workshops.

PUBLISHING I will refer you to reliable folks for paperback or hard bound book publishing.

CONVERT YOUR BOOK INTO MORE TRAINING Every chapter of your book can be expanded into a TeleClass series. If you are interested in doing some face-to-face workshops and developing training materials, we also can help you with that.

MY CAREER and LIFE has been dedicated to educating, counseling, and facilitating personal empowerment in a variety of capacities. For 35 years I've participated on the planet as an information provider, inspirer, healer, counselor, and facilitator of change. That includes: -->>community college teaching-->>organizing and presenting lectures and public events-->>designing and developing educational materials and programs.

As a licensed marriage family therapist I specialize in transpersonal therapy-->>cognitive behavioral therapy-->> energy psychology-->>inspiration coaching, facilitation of mental emotional clearing and transformational change -->>hands-on energy bodywork and healing.

See My Professional Training . . . . Ad infinitum. It's way too long for here!

Philosophy and Comments        

Just for you . . . I am committed to creating a "Teleseminar-Interview-into-eBook" series into a pleasing and effective end-product for you.

During this process my working style is one of transparency and supportive collaboration. One of my interviewing gifts is that I can intelligently dialogue with people from many walks of life.

Also, I can readily handle what ever rises during a live telephonic event and easily adapt my questions to your needs and your target audience.

My interviewing style is casual and relaxed and I can step it up if called for. I am willing and able to address your important issues deeply, poignantly, relevantly and in a non-threatening way.

During an interview I am candid, enthusiastic, inspiring, and supportive.

As your interviewer I will provide guidelines for the interview process and work with you to write carefully thought-out and pro-active interview questions.

Together we will customized questions that will help you develop compelling and dynamic content for your spoken Teleseminar-Interview-into-eBook.

MY CLIENTS and ASSOCIATES are typically those in the Helping Professions - Holistic Health Care Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Body Workers, Healers, Therapist, Coaches, Seminar Leaders, Authors, Consultants, and all those interested in transforming themselves and others and making a difference in the world.

MY WORK STYLE: In my work relationship with a client, I value and encourage ease of task, personal transparency, heartfelt interpersonal communication, meeting agreed upon deadlines, collaboration, and having fun.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

• Teleseminar interview. Developing and crafting interview questions. Teleseminar recording service, which includes a back-up recording, instant and onging replay, and downloadable MP3. $350 per chapter

• Promoting teleseminar for current client list. Fee included.

• Editing and compiling transcription for eBook. $200

• Designing and compiling a 3-D book cover. $75

• Transcription referred out.

• Professional edited recording by Recorded Moments.

• Paperback or hard bound book publishing information refferred out.

• Ongoing education and coaching services available.

-->>Speaking and Voice Coaching. $60 hour

-->>Conscious Language Coaching. $60 hour

-->>Clearing Limiting Thoughts and Fears around Speaking and Presentation. $60 hour

My Professional Training . . . . Ad infinitum        

SOME OF MY PERTINENT TRAINING: Teleseminar Secrets and Virtual Book Tour System Training, Alex Mandossian • Mastery Systems/Consious Languaging, Robert Tennyson Stevens • Vocal Power, Arthur Joseph • Interactive Coaching, Coaches Training Institute • Zero Point Clearing Process, Dr. Gabriel Cousens • Access Energy Transformation, Gary Douglas • Metaphysical Clearing Technique, George Conley • Continuum, Emily Conrad D’Oud • Reconnection Energy Clearing, Dr. Eric Pearl • Yuen Energy Medicine, Dr. Kam Yuen • Enneagram, Berkeley Jesuit School of Theology • Enneagram Teacher Training, Helen Palmer • Grief Training, Attitudinal Healing Center • Massage, Harbin Hot Springs Massage School • Vipassana Meditation, Jack Kornfield, Alan Clements • Dzog Chen Tibetan Buddhist meditation • Reiki Master Teacher Training, Dr. Gabriel Cousens • Reiki Master Internship, Kiya Cote • Korean Hand Acupuncture and Integra Nutritional System, Stephen Stiteler, LAc, OMD

ACADEMIC: Master of Divinity, Ministry, Inter-Faith Spirituality, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA • Graduate Coursework in Instructional Design, Educational Media, Testing & Evaluation, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ • Graduate coursework in Clinical Psychology, Hypnosis, Transpersonal Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, Concord, CA • Master of Public Health in Health Education, University of California, Berkeley, CA • Master of Arts in Speech, Interpersonal Communication, Effective Listening, Small Group Process, TV Broadcasting, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH • Brown College, School of Broadcasting Radio Announcing and Production formerly Brown Institute of Broadcasting, Mendota Heights, MN • Bachelor’s of Science in Pre-Med, Art, Education, Radio Announcing and Production, University of Wisconsin - Platteville, WI




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