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barrington, IL United States
T: 847-382-3499
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gaye mack, MA, BFRP


Gaye is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner entitled to a place on the International Register of Bach Practitioners maintained by the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation in Oxfordshire, England.
Her private consulting and tutorial practice places special emphasis on, but is not limited to, women and professional healthcare practitioners. Additionally, she serves as the Bach consultant for Allied Clinical Psychologists in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and travels widely for Nelson-Bach, USA Ltd., as an educator in Dr. Bach’s philosophy.

Profile and Credentials        

Gaye’s background is in psychology and sociology. Her Master of Arts degree in Integrated Professional Studies from DePaul University, Chicago, focused on holistic medicine with particular application of the Bach Essences as an integrative therapy for eating disorders and other emotional illnesses.

She has traveled widely in Europe, India, Nepal, Africa and Egypt, is listed in the Millenium Edition of Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare by the publishers of Who’s Who in America, and is a published author. As a practitioner and educator, Gaye has conducted workshops in the United States and Great Britain, and has appeared on nationally syndicated radio and Chicago cable television.

Philosophy and Comments        

When there is conflict between the personality and the soul's agenda for our life path, we move into negative emotional states. If this conflict or disconnection is not balanced out, a signpost of this disconnection will eventually manifest in illness as our spiritual nature struggles to move us along on our intended path, much like water seeking its own level.

In the 1930s British physician, Edward Bach, discovered that the life force of certain flowers held the ability to harmonize specific, negative emotional states, resulting in what we know today as the 38 Bach Flower Essences. Homeopathic in nature, these work on several levels of our energy,or vibrations, including levels that go far deeper than herbal or aromatherapy therapies(but easily in collaboration with). They meet the individual where they are and gently take them to the next right steps when the individual is ready.

My job as a practitioner is to educate and assist individuals in learning how to use these powerful tools of healing provided by the divine in nature,for themselves and those they love, including pets.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My work schedule is flexible.
Office appointment: $65.00/hr
Off site:$65/hr plus travel time
Phone: $65.00/hr plus cost of phone time





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