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Nirinjan Singh



5261 West County Line Rd
Buckley, MI, MI 49620
United States
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Anahata Balance


Providing you with information, daily lifestyle practices, and products to aid in your health and wellbeing in a holistic manner.

Anahata Balance provides alternative healing and support for people looking to live healthy holistic lifestyles.

We accomplish this by offering organic herbs, teas blends, wild crafted tinctures, and therapeutic remedies for your health and healing. Providing organic Kombucha tea, kombucha mushroom starter kits, and internal cleansing and detoxifying organic tea blends, natural resins, & other items for your daily holistic practice.

Complete product listing, visit our Anahata Balance Store

For more information on organic kombucha tea, mushroom culture starter kits, scobys please visit our new website:

Kombucha tea culture

Profile and Credentials        

Looking to make a change in your daily lifestyle, one towards health and wellbeing, where disease and illness stay away.

We provide information and products that will aid you in detoxifying the body and organs, correction in diet and eating habits, and many more lifestyle changes that one can start practicing right away.

In addition, we offer Kundalini and Hatha yoga classes, Dosha and yogic lifestyle counseling, Reiki treatments and healing touch. A pro-active disign to your health, healing, and wellbeing!

Philosophy and Comments        

Anahata Balance's Mission

To balance the heart (Anahata in Sanskrit), by supporting a community who approach health and wellbeing through daily lifestyle choices.

Our Vision

To educate this community with other like minded businesses who see the need to nuture the body "wholly".

We believe that by combining traditional wisdom, alternative medicine, and daily practices we can heal ourselves and prevent illness and disease in the future.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


Nirinjan Singh        

Nirinjan completed his yoga teachers training in 2001, through the I.K.R.I, International Kundalini Research Institute and is currently teaching yoga classes in the Traverse City, MI, Lake Ann, Elk Rapids, MI area. He can also provide Reiki treatments and attunements, yogic lifestyle and Ayurvedic Doshic counseling.

Natural Sourced Nutritional Products        

We have on introduced a complete line of nutritional suppliments to aid in you helth and wellbeing. We offer bee products such as bee pollon, royal jelly, and tonics. Algaes, such as, Organic Spirulina
which supports a healthy immune system & increases energy levels.
Or, Blue-Green Algae from Klamath,OR is wildcrafted and harvested in Klamath Lake, Oregon. Highest quality available!
The new to our collection is Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Mushroom Powder. Known in China as the "Mushroom of Immortality", Reishi has been prized for thousands of years for its healing gifts. As a tonic it is known to help calm and nourish the nervous system, support the heart, strengthen the lungs, protect and stimulate the liver and help the body adapt to stresses.

All of our Natural Source products are of the highest quality, many from organic or wild-crafted sources.

See all of our Natural Sourced products at Natural Suppliments

Netural Brewed Kombucha        

Anahata Balance through our main kombucha siteOrganic-Kombucha.com has freshly brewed organic kombucha tea in Black, Green, or Pu-erh teas and organic starter kits available.
Drinking kombucha tea is a great way to start changing your daily health by clearing toxins from the body and building your immunity. When taken as a daily health tonic, it aids the body immune system and may help your overall health by keeping disease and disorders at bay. Thousands of people drink this tea daily around the world and with great results! Make kombucha tea part of your daily practice for your health and wellbeing.

For more information on organic kombucha tea, mushroom culture starter kits, scobys please visit our new kombucha site:
Kombucha tea cultures

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