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Lorraine Henrich



Hampton, NJ 08827
United States
T: 908 537 7597




New Jersey Division of Light Workers


Lorraine Henrich represents the New Jersey Division of Lightworkers,a group of like minded individuals dedicated to education, service, and empowerment offering energy work and classes in the Mystery School tradition. Energy work includes, DNA activation, emotional cord cutting,channeling,chakra alignment, house blessings, and much more. Classes include Meditation, Alchemy, Kabbalah, Astral Travel, Sacred Geometry, Stress management, Channeling and more. We also travel throughout New Jersey and the US sharing our teachings and empowerment with all those who wish to achieve their soul purpose.

Profile and Credentials        

Every member of the NJDOL has received grades of initiation and training at the Rocky Mountain Mystery School. We are Adept initiates in the Brotherhood of Light, Teachers, Guides, and Ritual Masters. We are an eclectic group united by purpose.

Philosophy and Comments        

The NJDOL is an eclectic and highly skilled group of individuals dedicated to assisting others in lighting their path to their highest potential, the God self. We offer healing, service, and teachings that are over 3000 years old in the lineage of King Saloman. All answers lie within. It is our hope that we will ignite your spark of divinity as you come to know yourself.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

NJDOL is available 24x7 by phone or e-mail. Fees range based upon services rendered. Call for prices.





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