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Paul Wellin



San Diego, CA 92116
United States
T: (619) 574-1170




Life-Force Therapy and Training


Life-Force Therapy is a New System of Healing Integration. LFT sessions uniquely blend physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual approaches, to relieve the stresses of our accelerated, high-tech lifestyle. A Life-Force Therapy Session offers that missing ingredient to our busy lives. A time to slow down and be with someone who gives total attention to your pains and issues…and also guides you to your Heart and Soul as well. A time to nourish what is really important for your health and your happiness. Treatments include Hands-on Healing for your Body (Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Yoga Therapy), Energy Coaching for your Mind, and Meditation for your Spirit. Life-Force Therapy provides Clients with an effective Healing Treatment plus an Awakening Growth Experience. LFT also trains Practitioners to learn Quantum Healing Techniques and develop a powerful transformative Presence. Life-Force Therapy is an ALL-IN-ONE Treatment that brings you back into balance at all levels.

Profile and Credentials        

I received my Master of Arts degree in Psychology in 1985. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Chi Gong Teacher and Hatha Yoga Instructor, plus a Reiki II Practitioner. I have studied and taught Spiritual Healing and Meditation since the early 1980's. I developed a Vision for a new Integrated Bodywork Treatment in the mid-1990’s. I realized, from personal and professional experience, that the effectiveness of a Treatment is based on the openness of the Client as well as the Practitioner or the Techniques. Life-Force Therapy helps Clients understand the HIDDEN RULES OR MESSAGES KEEPING THEM FROM HEALING. These subconscious rules, once brought to the surface, instantly open the Client's Heart towards Wellness. LFT is especially effective for chronic conditions. I am honored to be available for these seeking improved health and greater self-acceptance.

Philosophy and Comments        

Healing Trainings in "Life-Force Therapy" are offered throughout the year in San Diego, CA. Practitioners can study the Integration System as a whole, or add relevant classes to their existing Practice. Year-long Apprenticeships and Small-Group Tutorials are also available. AS A STUDENT OF LIFE-FORCE THERAPY, YOU CAN LEARN: Simple Guidance Techniques for healing Client issues. Easy Spinal Stretches to increase physical / mental flexibility and energy, plus provide pain relief. The Keys to overcome resistant clients. The 3 Essential Healing Emotions in ANY client symptoms The Heart’s Hidden Message that frees people from chronic conditions. Energy Bodywork and Breath Assessment Birthing & Pre-Birthing influences on health. Aroma-therapy… and more!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Treatments are offered on a sliding scale basis, beginning with a half-price Introductory Session. Discounts are available for a Series of Treatments. Free Consultations and Mini-Sessions are always available to those seeking Healing or Information.





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