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Stephen Pollock



6002 Brownsboro Park Blvd, Suite A
Louisville, KY 40207
United States
T: 502-426-2033


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Stephen J. Pollock, R.Ph., One Brain AC Facilitator


Headed by Three in One Concepts', Inc., Specialized Trainer, Stephen J. Pollock, R.Ph., CST, Potential Unlimited offers an holistic alternative approach to traditional medicine by utilizing One Brain Integration TM and Stress Defusion Technology TM-- a system that identifies and releases the causes of stress at its source. In association with Three in One Concepts, Inc., Potential Unlimited also helps you overcome anxiety, depression, learning disabilities and dyslexia, phobias, ADD/ADHD, communications difficulties, marital/partner problems, sexual and other dysfunction, and can be an integral part of performance enhancement.

Potential Unlimited utilizes the following effective tools and techniques when treating patients:

Clear-Circuit Muscle Testing is an accurate (97 percent) and gentle biofeedback technique that's used to elicit information from the brain's four quadrants, and not only the Conscious awareness but also the Subconscious and Body (Unconscious) Levels of awareness as well.

Behavioral Barometer is used with Clear-Circuit Muscle Testing to determine your emotional state of mind. It provides you with an emotional roadmap, expressing what choices were made in the past (at the cause), and what was needed and not provided.

Structure and Function is used to evaluate and bring awareness to individual, innate behaviors based on genetically-formed structures. We use this insight to reclaim denied aspects of your true, instinctive nature.

Potential Unlimited uses the tools listed above as well as a host of other gentle, yet effective techniques to not only reduce current stress, but to release the causative stress at the source. When you pull out the bottom card from a house of cards, the whole structure collapses. The same thing happens with your stress-caused behaviors. We provide positive awareness to help transform negative triggering situations into reinforced, positive ones. This effect is permanent and very rapid!

Profile and Credentials        

For the past 15 years, Steve Pollock has practiced and taught One Brain Integration through the association with Three in One Concepts,Inc. He is a Specialized Trainer, teaching advanced courses and is a certified CranioSacral Therapist, who practices CranioSacral Therapy using techniques taught through the Upledger Institute - the developer of this healing system. All sorts of physical/emotional ailments from headaches to foot pain are addressed.

Also, any emotional attachment to a physical problem can be resolved, thereby speeding up the healing process. He has achieved outstanding results while working with adults. Additionally, Pollock is a practitioner of pediatrics and children's CranioSacral Therapy.

As a REIKI master, Pollock uses and teaches REIKI (gives attunements) in his healing work. REIKI is a healing and loving energy. His focus is on helping others to heal themselves through the use of the many healing systems he employs. Secondarily, he loves to teach and impart what he's learned to others so they may also experience the joy of assisting people in their healing spiritual journey.

Pollock works with people of all ages including:

  • Infants suffering from colic

  • 3-year-olds with temper tantrums and hitting

  • Teens experiencing uncomfortable life and body changes

  • Young adults dealing with sexuality and anger

  • Older adults dealing with mid-life crises

  • Divorce, phobias, fears, disabling ailments (physical and emotional) and death.

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