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Brian Schneeberger



39 Courtland St.
Rockford, MI 49341
United States
T: 616-863-8868
F: 616-863-8869


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Open Mind


My wife, Julie, and I own a new age book, music and gift store. We are both Reiki masters and we host other healers, teachers, lightworkers, etc. on our premises. We carry flower essences, essential oils, aromatherapy products, healing books and many other metaphysical and spiritual items.

Profile and Credentials        

Philosophy and Comments        

WE believe that all spiritual paths are valid. Our business exists to provide individuals with information and products that aid them on their journey and healing on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Store hours: 10:30 AM-6:00PM Mon-Sat Reiki by Appointment: $25 per session of 45 minutes to 1 hour.





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