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Harold McCoy



P.O. Box 387
Fayetteville, AR 72702
United States
T: 479-582-9197
F: 479 582-3684


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Ozark Research Institute


The Ozark Research Institute, Inc. (ORI) is a non-profit, tax-exempt educational and scientific research organization chartered to teach and conduct research into the "Power of Thought" as it pertains to spontaneous remission, miraculous healing, and all manner of mind phenomena.

We are a membership organization with 3,000 members worldwide. We offer our members a vast array of exciting opportunities to learn about the Power of Thought through workshops, schools and hands-on energy work.

For a list of Educational Events visit our website: ozarkresearch.org

Profile and Credentials        

Harold McCoy is the Founder and Director of Ozark Research Institute. He has established a record of many incredible healings -- from tumors, to depression, to diabetes, all using the “Power of the Focused Mind.” His mission is to teach as many people as possible the techniques he uses to accomplish healings. Harold has been teaching power of mind for more than 15 years.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our Mission:

Serving Humanity Through Holistic Research, Education, Healing And Spiritual Awakening.

We carry out this mission by providing educational and healing experiences that:

• Empower individuals in their healing quest by integrating mind, body and spirit.

• Provide hope and healing through education and treatment in the latest holistic disciplines.

• Provide a safe, nurturing learning and healing environment.

• Continuously explore cutting edge research into the power of the mind.

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