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Patricia Aldrich



1971 Silverbell Road
Orion Twp, MI 48362
United States
T: 248-693-6499


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Patricia A. Aldrich, N.D.,C.N.C


Naturopath, Nutritionist, Iridologist, Colonics, Bodywork - Patricia Aldrich, N.D., CNC understands the eyes as the window to the health of the body.

Profile and Credentials        

Patricia Aldrich is a Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC)with a diploma in Advanced Studies of Iridology from Dr. Bernard Jensen, a well-known author on Health and Healing, and winner of the National Health Federation's Pioneer Doctor of the Year Award. Jensen certified fewer than 60 apprentices in the Science of Iridology and nutritional counseling. Considered the patriarch of iridologists worldwide, and the science's pioneer of this century. Jensen passed away in February at the age of 93.

Aldrich is also a Doctor of Naturopathy. Naturopathic Medicine is a distinctively natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person. Naturopathic Medicine is heir to the vitalistic tradition of medicine in the western world, emphasizing the treatment of disease through the stimulation, enhancement, and support of the inherent healing capacity of the person.

Philosophy and Comments        

"The information received by the brain indicating the health of all of the major organs and systems of the body are reflected in the eye," Aldrich explains, "Which can then be read and interpreted through the science of iridology. Without any kind of body invasion, iridologists can detect, for example, genetic weaknesses shown through the weave in the iris, or specific organ inflammation by discoloration in different quadrants of the eye."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Tuesday-Friday, 10-6; and Saturday 10-3 by appointment The unique storefront, located at 1971 Silverbell Rd,Orion Twp. Michigan offers private sessions on both iridology and general nutrition, as well as a host of unique natural and organic products.





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