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Patricia DePersis



Atkinson, NH 03811
United States
T: 603-362-8428
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Atkinson, NH - Your Yoga with Patti


"Your Yoga" is a personalized program for all age groups regardless of physical abilities which is designed to adapt and respond to each client's individual needs. "Your Yoga" is gentle; it doesn't hurt; it's not a competition and it's not a quick fix. "Your Yoga" is a process through which you learn to listen to and respect your body and its limitations. It is not about simply improving yourself, it is all about accepting your 'Self'.

Profile and Credentials        

As a certified Raja / Hatha Yoga Instructor, I am registered with the Yoga Alliance and am a Certified Instructor in the 'Yoga for the Special Child'™ program designed by Ms. Sonia Sumar. I focus my work on quality of life issues such as stress management and personal growth through a comprehensive Yoga program. I have over 15 years experience working both 1:1 and with groups in the field of rehabilitation which compliments my Yoga instruction. Also, I have worked with various disability groups of all ages, including those with physical and cognitive impairments, birth-related limitations as well as those diagnosed with degenerative or terminal conditions.

Philosophy and Comments        

"Your Yoga" is based on the premise that we all have limitations unique to ourselves, however, regardless of what those limitations might be, each of us deserves the opportunity to function at our best. Whatever difficulties we are faced with, whether internal or external, I believe acceptance is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and to others. Because of that, I am committed to helping clients work on self-acceptance through Yoga. "Your Yoga" works especially well for anyone experiencing a high level of stress on a daily basis, anyone experiencing medical complications and anyone with physical limitations. I developed "Your Yoga" in order to meet the needs of clients of all ages and abilities who may not have access to or be able to adapt to group instruction, as well as those who have time constraints and have not been able to find a class to fit their schedule needs.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Your Yoga is based out of Atkinson, NH which is in the Salem, Plaistow, Windham area bordering Haverhill, MA. Sessions are 1:1, done in the privacy of the client's home and scheduled to fit the client's lifestyle. Reiki & Aromatherapy are also available. Either or both can and will be incorporated into sessions as is appropriate and if the interest is there.





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