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Spiritual Cinema Circle


Each month, you receive a single DVD with 4 inspiring films, chosen from around the world by the Circle and its founder, Stephen Simon, producer of "What Dreams May Come" (Robin Williams) and "Somewhere In Time" (Christopher Reeve). The Circle selects feature films, shorts, and documentaries that are heartwarming & spiritually uplifting, a necessary alternative to the negative/violent films that characterize mainstream Hollywood. The SCC is far more than a DVD club, it is an expanding Community positively effecting 80+ countries.

Profile and Credentials        

Eric & Paula are Certified Meditation, Yoga & Brain Gym Instructors. Paula was formerly the top national salesperson for Smith-Corona, and now assists Eric in running Eric Biskamp Appraisal, Brain Gym Seminars and WorkLife Seminars. Both are experts in stress reduction at the corporate & individual levels.

Philosophy and Comments        

People need a sense of purpose, and then the inspiration & tools to fulfill that purpose. The Spiritual Cinema Circle movies show people seeking/finding their purpose, inspiration & tools in very real, very intimate ways.

These films leave us with the message that our "essential nature", when uncovered from stress and wrong thinking, is always good, always worth sharing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We are paid when you join and enjoy the inspiring & uplifting effects of the Spiritual Cinema Circle. Like us, you can also become an Affiliate (free, after becoming a Member), and receive funds when friends & acquaintances join under your assigned website link.





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