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Paul W. Martin

Paul Martin


Philadelphia, PA 19129
United States
T: 215.849.0387


The Art of Human Being! is a method to deeply integrate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects into a unified experience of Life. This is done through Qigong, Massage Therapy, Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, Meditation, and Taoist exercises which facilitate the self-healing and growth process.

Profile and Credentials        

4Dimensional Bodywork Practioner; Certified Mid-Level Instructor for Taiji Five Element QiGong, Master He President of WISH; Certified Somatic Therapist, member of ABMP.

Please visit our friends at:


www.feldenkrais.com; kahunavalley.org

Philosophy and Comments        

Deeply connecting with and unifying all the aspects of our Human Life releases enormous Power to fulfill our True Destiny. As this Awareness develops our health, happiness, life-purpose and abilities will blossom into the experiences of being a complete Human Being. Living in the moment, being present in our human body, must become the primary motivator in shaping our lives; this is beneficial to ourselves, family, community and all of Humanity.

Bodywork of various modalities, including shiatsu, chi nei tsang (abdominal massage) and other types of massage offers a method for healing and overcoming acute and chronic health problems by using the healing power of Awareness and Presence.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The Art of Human Being! courses are offered throughout the year at various locations. Currently, Qigong Classes are offered at the Springboard Studio in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, on Thursdays from 7:15pm - 8:30pm. Register for my Newsletter for current information on course locations and times.

Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang and other Bodywork therapies are available by appointment, in Center City and the East Falls sections of Philadelphia.





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