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Petrene Soames



19 Emery Cliff Place
Woodlands, TX 77381
United States
T: 281 363 9983


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Petrene Soames


Petrene Soames is a leading authority in healing and self-awareness. For more than 20 years she has worked successfully in the field of wellness and in helping others achieve their personal potential. Her unique practices and insights, which are drawn from every realm of human sciences and studies, have helped hundred of clients worldwide. Petrene has been called a therapist, a healer, a consultant, a medium, and a world-class psychic. Whatever the terminology, as a therapist Petrene works without the use of hypnosis and delves into the realms of Rebirthing (a powerful experience which releases past emotional blocks, pains, traumas, fears and angers), Regression (present and past life therapy), Progression (forward time and life experience), and Digression (parallel realities).

Profile and Credentials        

Originally from the UK widley travelled over twenty years proffesional experience as a world class healer, paranormal expert, therapist, medium rebirther regression-progression therapist (without the use of hypnosis) creator of digression therapy. Teacher, speaker,veteran radio and tv talk show guest. Author of The Essence Of Self Healing" How to bring health and happiness into your life. Creator of "The positve thought cards" Web site Timeismine.com has over 200 pages of info..I conduct sessions in person, on the telephone, by mail and e-mail I work with people worldwide and session are as profound in person or long distance. I pinpoint blocks and then bring the tools to clear and heal on both emotional , menatl and physical levels. The rebirthing I use has nothing to do with any other form of Rebirthing it is totally unique and works in only one or two sessions.

Philosophy and Comments        

I know that we are each free and powerfull beings, my purpose is to heal and empower others the only thing stopping us from being healthy whole and happy is our fear and our pain, I show others how to heal and how to move on. I worl totally with you as an individual, no two people on the planet are exactly alike this is why many therapies and doctrines do not work. I see why each person is here and what they need to do to see and know themselves.There is no one that is beyond help no matter where they have come from or what has happend to them along the way.

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