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Alternative Treatment International

Dr. Alan Meyers


300 S. Duncan Ave. Suite 263
Clearwater, FL 33755
United States
T: 800-897-8060
F: 727-461-3651

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A.T.I., Inc. – Non-12-Step holistic, addiction, alcoholism, depression, mental health, drug abuse, dual-diagnosis, relapse prevention, spirituality and chemical dependence. 800-897-8060 www.alternative2rehab.com

Profile and Credentials        

Philosophy and Comments        

A.T.I. offers individualized clinical recovery treatment for a small group of 12 clients.

It is sometimes difficult to understand what is causing the problem. For example, in the case of addiction and depression, is the depression causing the addictive behavior or is the addiction causing the depression. Understanding psycho-emotional disorders goes far beyond treating the symptom. You need to find the root cause of your problem by uncovering and resolving it by opening up to therapeutic techniques designed to help you to move on in your life in a positive, healthy and productive way.

A.T.I. is a clinically based psycho-therapeutic program that treats the psycho-emotional disorder(s) and/or the addiction(s). Psycho-emotional problems often go hand-in-hand with addiction, but not always. As a dual-diagnosis program, we specialize in treating addictions as well as emotional problems, including a combination of two or more diagnosis.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The residential treatment program is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

For admissions: 800-897-8060


Perception Therapy        

At Alternative Treatment International, Inc., when we teach clients to change their self-concept through our innovative Perception Therapy®, addiction relapse does not have to occur or get in the way of recovery. People can live happy, healthy lives without the constant negative affirmations that they are sick, and must fear that they will relapse at any moment. This is only a perception, not a reality. Any person has the ability to change their perception, thinking, behavior and reality. We will provide you with relapse prevention techniques that allow you to change your perception and thinking, which prevents relapse without the daily fear.


Healing The Environment To Help Heal One's “Self”

Alternative Treatment International, Inc. (“A.T.I.”) promotes a philosophy that allows one to obtain healing of the Mind-Body-Spirit-EnvironmentSM. Our corporate mission is to bring the field of substance abuse and mental health treatment to the highest level by formulating philosophies, treatments, techniques and protocols that address the whole person and their environment.

ATI Clinical Services        

The A.T.I. clinical program services include:

Mind - this includes small group therapy, individual therapy, lectures, reading and assignments. Perception Therapy® addresses perceptions that clients have been taught about how they perceive themselves and the world around them. Perceptions may include intelligence, family, learning, reading, thinking, personality, wit, humor, addictions, emotional problems, fears, traumas, etc.

Body - this includes physical fitness, education on physical fitness, nutrition and sports. Perception Therapy® uncovers taught perceptions about body type, weight, eating disorders, diet and dieting, appearance, physical limitations, etc.

Spirit - this includes daily meditation, T'ai Chi, spiritual readings, trancework, and spiritual philosophies. Perception Therapy® examines learned perceptions about spiritual philosophies and practices, spiritual understanding, self-realization, self-empowerment, and a sense of oneness.

Environment - this includes learning to develop a mindful awareness of the environment, healing your own environment through mindful living and mindful action. Taking this therapeutic technique a step further, Perception Therapy® looks at perceptions of living environments, the planet, mindful caring for the environment, one's own surroundings, and changing perceptions about the environment which helps to heal the individuals from a broader perspective.

This comprehensive approach is designed to address all aspects of the healing process utilizing Perception Therapy® techniques that address a change in perception about the Mind-Body-Spirit-EnviromentSM.

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