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Kirsten Gerrish, CDM



Wasilla, AK
Wasilal, AK 99654
United States
T: (907) 373-6068
F: 907-373-6068




Pioneer Midwifery


At Pioneer Midwifery, Kirsten Gerrish, CDM offers comprehensive care during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

-Lab work done on site and ultrasounds ordered if needed

-Prenatal vitamins and herbs

-Childbirth & Happiest Baby Classes

-Prenatal massage and Rolfing are available on site.

Profile and Credentials        

State licensed Direct Entry Midwife, DONA and ALACE trained doula, Happiest Baby Instructor, Aquanatal instructor and former Bradley Childbirth educator.

Philosophy and Comments        

Women should birth, in the way that they wish, with the least amount of intervention possible surrounded by people who love them. The surroundings and atmosphere of a birth should be chosen by the laboring woman so that she can fully relax and allow the birth to unfold.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

On call 24/7. Accept insurance, Denali Kid Care, self pay with a sliding scale fee. Consults are free- we'll help you plan the gentlest birth possible.





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