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The Polyjesters



This question has been asked since the beginning of the PJ's and may well be asked until they die. It is a very difficult question to answer as they play all kinds of music and usually end up mixing them all together. Sometimes they will even go as far as each member playing a different song or style all together at the same time.

But for now, we will call their music 'Chunk' music which can be described as a mixture of swing, folk, and roots music. Now you may be asking yourself, "Well, what the heck is roots music man?", and that's where we can clarify things for you. 'Roots' is more or less a word created for those who are still living in the past and refuse to listen to that new hippidy hoppidy music. It contains music such as old jazz, tin pan alley songs, old country, bluegrass, and ragtime.

Now, of course the PJ's write their own music which is a mixture of all of these styles and thus we bring you: CHUNK!

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"Presenters are always on the look-out for new acts that are great musically, entertaining and relate well to their audience. As you know such acts are rare and need to be treasured when you find them. The Polyjesters are one such act. They are wildly entertaining (our audience, which is used to seeing the cream of North American acoustic artists accorded them two standing ovations) and top notch musicians."

- Chuck Frank, artistic director Saturday Night Special Music Club Calgary.

"The Polyjesters are more fun than naked college girls with yoyos."

- Uke Jackson, Flaming Ukuklele Radio Hour

Disclaimer: we still don’t how Uke Jackson came up with his quote but its great fun to think about.

“If you've ever enjoyed old-school jazz or bluegrass, or even if you haven't, these guys are worth a listen. And definitely see them live if you can.”

- Viggenturbo, epinions.com

“(The Polyjesters) have a hit on their hands and have for a long time. I really think they’re tremendous and poised as well to knock the ball right out of the park!”

- John Rutherford, Dir. Of Music Programming, Epcor Centre for the Arts

The Polyjesters website (www.polyjesters.com ) is one of the most enjoyable sites you may ever visit. With plenty of cleaver updates, videos and photographs, the Polyjesters really communicate with their audience in provocative and interactive ways. There are chat rooms, live broadcasts and even a 24 hour a day radio station. We highly recommend viewing the video “The Kiss” on the video page at www.polyjesters.com.

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