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Psychic Lee


Hi my name is Lee and I’m from Australia. Please allow me to help you on your journey. I am a 4th generation certified psychic, rune caster, astrologer and healer, with a five star rating. I can read past, present and future. Please view my testimonials on my website, they speak for themselves. I can answer all your questions. I am honest, accurate, and I genuinely care about my clients’ well being. My prices are excellent. Love and light to you………
*SPECIAL* Free astrological birth chart analysis with every reading!!!!!!

Profile and Credentials        

I have been giving psychic readings since I was a child, with an excellent accuracy. I was taught to cast Rune stones when I was a child by my Aunt, who is a very powerful healer and psychic. I am a descendant of the Romany gypsies and I am a 4th generation psychic. I can use cards or just read by feel, its up to you. You could say it runs through my veins. I am very accurate and began to read others from the age of eleven. I have been reading people on line with great accuracy over the last 2 years. I have a very spiritually aware background, and hope to bring light and love those whom I have the blessing of helping. I am an expert at helping people along their spiritual journey. If you are seeking peace of mind, I can help you achieve that by looking at what is blocking your energy or your path and help you to work through it. I am a counselor as much as a psychic. Once blockages are removed, my clients often experience new energy in their lives through, better financial situation, better romantic attachments and relationship in general and also personal or inner issues. I am also a Reiki healer and can provide healing to those in need. You will receive free Reiki when I am reading you. I am also able to read Tarot; I have several different decks and can do many spreads.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have learned that we cannot help those who will not help themselves, so lets work together on this spiritual journey.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am online everyday, and check my email several times a day. You can veiw my prices and details of how to get a reading, whether it be via email or live, at my website www.aussiepsychic.com





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