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3031 South Blagg Road
Pahrump, NV 89048
United States
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The Psychic Universe


Certified and licensed master psychics we have a number of extremely gifted and certified psychics all over the United States to give professional metaphysical and spiritual guidance. Our service is one of a kind offering one-on-one personal help and guidance in any field from relationships to business and stock market readings. The Psychic Universe offers only the most professional and ethical spiritually advanced psychics unlike any other so called psychic line or service available today.

Profile and Credentials        

Master psychic also certified by The Association of Certified Psychics and licensed psychic.

Philosophy and Comments        

The aim of The Psychic Universe is to provide a affordable yet professional as well as ethical service to members of the public without the high price and uncertainty of the 900 number psychic lines. We go to great lengths to assure that each one of our gifted and professional psychics are the best there is. Each and very one of the applicants are put through a process to assure that they are in deed truly gifted, there is no other service that takes the time and effort to assure you that the gifted psychics we allow to receive your calls are qualified.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please understand that we are not a 900 psychic line who recruit anyone whether they are gifted or not. Each and every one of our spiritually gifted psychics have been recommended for our one of a kind service by The Association of Certified Psychics, who take unprecedented steps to assure that any psychic put forward to our service are truly gifted and spiritually advanced. There is no other service that goes to such lengths to assure that their psychics are truly metaphysically gifted.





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