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Clare Joy



11 Spear St.
Charlotte, VT 05445
United States
T: 802 233 2638


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Pure Intent Energy


Healing Touch, Quantum Touch® , EMF Balancing Technique®, 12:12 Trinity Love Activation, Practitioner & Teacher. Hands-on energetic healing for physical, emotional, spiritual well-being. Self-empowering, energetic support for personal growth and transformation. Clear issues and live your dreams. Know your limitless possibilities! Introductory sessions Free or By Donation. Distance/Travel/Office Sessions and Classes

Profile and Credentials        

Healing Touch Practitioner since 1997. Quantum Touch® Practitioner Trainings EMF Balancing Technique® Master in Practice, Teacher 12:12 Trinity Love Activation Practitioner, DNA activations "Into Me See" Movie and Relationship Workshop Venue Animal Communication Workshop Venue Intuitive Development Workshop Venue Check Websites: www.healingtouch.net, www.quantumtouch.com, www.emfworldwide.com, www.intomeseethemovie.com, www.insideoutsidein.com

Philosophy and Comments        

My vision is that all of humanity be empowered to know our true nature and live in full light from the core of our being. Every session and class is imbued with the pure intention that all experience the greatest possible growth through positive practical empowerment.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Available for sessions by appointment Introductory Sessions Free, if followed by Full Session otherwise by Donation. Full session fee $65 or $200 for 4 sessions.

Pure Intent Energy        

Co-creation, Integration, Transformation

Healing into True Nature        

Release, Heal, Radiate



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