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Annie McCleary



1948 Ripton Rd.
Lincoln, VT 05443
United States
T: 802-453-6764
F: 802-453-7623


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Purple Conflower Herbals


Purple Coneflower Herbals offers a select line of high quality herbal extracts, hand-crafted in sacred tradition in Vermont since 1989. We use quality organic, biodynamic and responsibly wildcrafted botanicals only. We work consciously with the spirits of the plants. We are a small, herbalist owned and operated company offering personal, responsive service. We offer herb classes and an eight month herbal program, Wisdom of the Herbs, An Experiential Journey Through the Seasons.

Profile and Credentials        

Annie McCleary has been working and playing with wild and cultivated herbs for over 25 years. Annie is a medicine maker and herb teacher. In 1989, Annie founded Purple Coneflower Herbals. For many years, she organically grew Echinacea purpurea, commonly known as Purple Coneflower. Responding to the over-harvest of Goldenseal in the wild, she successfully organically cultivated this valued native medicinal under shade cloth, replicating Goldenseal's natural woodlands habitat. An experienced dowser and trained in Reiki, Annie works with plant spirit medicine. Her daily communications with plant beings guide and inspire her work. She been teaching herb classes and leading herb walks for over 25 years, and focuses on plant spirit communion, holistic approaches to women's health and menopause, kitchen medicine and sustainable wild harvesting principles.

Philosophy and Comments        

I want my students to know the herbs not only as food and medicine, but also as the friends, allies and teachers that they are. I teach spiritual dowsing as a means of communicating with plant devas. I teach my students to thank and honor the plant-beings that offer us humans such beauty and healing, and I encourage students to form their own relationship with the plants. I am very interested in teaching the identification and use of local wild plants for food and medicine from the perspective of creating sustainable practices and lifestyle, rather than depending on transport of goods from far away places. It appears that at some point our currently unsustainable lifestyle will shift, and we will experience dramatic changes in our way of living. We are wise to be prepared and know how to sustain and heal ourselves and our communities with the offerings of our locally abundant plant-friends.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

See our website for current herb classes and programs. Our eight month herbal program, Wisdom of the Herbs, is accepting applications for the 2004 program. Grants are available to Vermont applicants who income qualify through VSAC, Vermont Student Assistance Corp. Please apply for these funds early, anytime after July 2003, for the 2004 Wisdom of the Herbs program. Herbal extract prices are listed on the website.





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