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Gregory D Putnam



RR 1 Box 46
Towanda, IL 61776
United States


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Round House


Round House plays a strong mix of '80s, 90's, contemporary rock, with a blues influence. Very dancable materials. They also perform a handful of signature originals. Crowds dance, listen, and have fun when Round House comes to town. We provide free demos for interested parties. Thanks!

Profile and Credentials        

Round House: Kevin: singer, songwriter, el. guitar Chuck: singer, harmonies, guitar, keyboards, banjo Matt: Bass, back-up vocals Doug: drums, back-up vocals Band's strongest influence is probably Stevie Ray. They've all played for over 20 years, asice from the baby of the band, Matt. He's been with the band for 4 years, as long as the band has been together. They are fun people who provide fun times!

Philosophy and Comments        

Blow 'em away!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work weekends and holidays, with advanced notice. Do bars, private parties, festivals, and county fairs. Fees range from &600 to $1500, depending on travel, performance duration, etc. We put a guarantee on it that your crowd will enjoy the show! Ask about it. We also give away a hundred big ones to the best dancer of the night. It is ultimately decided near the end of the gig! People love it! We're all about having a good time!





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