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Mary Beth Spitz



1948 Washington Valley Rd
Martinsville, NJ 08836
United States
T: 732-868-0581


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Pyramid Aura Photo


Full body aura photographs with 7 chakras live and in motion.
Helping hand devise that shows healers healing client's aura in motion - Watch the aura change and chakra's open with healers loving touch intent.
Parties, workshops, holistic healing fairs

Profile and Credentials        

5 years of energetic healing
ordained minister

Philosophy and Comments        

See your aura live and in motion.
Get a 3 page report on your chakras.
Learn about yourself and how you relate to other though the colors of your aura.
Make better relationships by knowing the colors of your aura.
Learn what jobs best suit you.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

call for appointment-732-868-0581
$25- head shot and three page report
$40- Full body 7 Chakra shot with three page report





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